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Members in Guernsey will be aware that the RCN is campaigning hard for a meaningful payrise for all AfC members.

We have requested 10% from 1 January 2019 with a firm commitment to modernise and close the gap further through 2020.

During October we balloted members on the pay offer from the States. The result was a clear rejection of the offer. With this offer, the RCN Branch started the formal RCN Industrial Action Code of Conduct process. This resulted in RCN Council agreeing that an industrial action ballot could be run on Guernsey.

At the same time we moved into a formal process with the Independent Disputes Officer (IDO) on Guernsey. These talks didn’t come to anything with a marginally refined offer being made.

A final ballot on this offer ended on 17 December, with these results: on a turnout of 51%, 89% voted to reject the deal. The RCN has informed the States of Guernsey of this decision and is proceeding with our plans for an industrial action ballot to start in January.

Useful documents:

  • Job comparison chart. This compares jobs on Guernsey to nursing jobs highlighting the skill sets required and pay for each.
  • Pay chart. This looks at how the pay uplift would affect each band alongside each Civil Service (PIP) band.

Your working group:

There is a team of members on Guernsey who are working closely with the regional team and will be able to help with any queries that you may have.

The team comprises: Steve Mundy, Mandy Davies, Mark Byrne, Kenny Lloyd, Mary Avery John Eaton, Gary Whitwam, Claire Rigler, Caroline Yorke, Carol Pearson, Alison Place, Helena Avery and Tammy Bourgaize.

What can you do?

Make sure you are ballot ready. It is vital that your details are up to date. You can do this online or via phone: 0345 772 6100. 

Meeting dates:

Please hold 9 January 2020 for a potential branch meeting to discuss industrial action.


Press releases we have sent to local media can be found here:

20 Dec 2019
Agency bill rises as Guernsey nurses reject ballot
The RCN is warning that the bill for overtime and agency in Guernsey will hit an all time high by the end of the year

4 Dec 2019
Guernsey: We won't back down and here's why
A letter from the South East Board Chair, Guernsey Branch Chair and Council Member supporting members in Guernsey.

3 Dec 2019
Guernsey pay: "enough is enough"
The RCN in Guernsey has called time on nursing pay talks and will reluctantly ballot members on the States’ updated offer before Christmas.

27 Nov 2019
Guernsey industrial action ballot given the green light
Royal College of Nursing members on Guernsey will be allowed to take part in an industrial action ballot following the unanimous agreement of RCN Council.

22 Nov 2019
RCN figures show extent of Guernsey pay problem
Figures from the Royal College Of Nursing show the shocking disparity between nurses and other civil servants on Guernsey.

6 Nov 2019
Nurses kick start Industrial Action process
RCN members on Guernsey have voted to kick start a request for a formal Industrial Action ballot.

28 Oct 2019
RCN Guernsey members reject pay offer
Members of the Royal College of Nursing in Guernsey have overwhelmingly voted to reject the States' formal pay offer.

1 Oct 2019
Guernsey pay offer is a divisive insult
The Royal College of Nursing have reacted to the latest pay offer from the States by calling it “an insult.”

15 Jul 2019
Guernsey nurses dismayed as deadline passes
Royal College of Nursing members have expressed their frustration as another deadline to sort their pay situation has been and gone.

3 Jun 2019
Open letter to the editor - Guernsey
We wrote an open "letter to the editor" to explain the nursing situation in Guernsey.


Your branch team

  • Chair: Steve Mundy
  • Treasurer: Sue Lesbinel
  • Secretary: Sian Ogier
  • Vice Chair: Glenda King
  • Vice Treasurer: Teresa Newman
  • Student Lead: Paul Mason

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Page last updated - 20/12/2019