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We champion local issues for RCN members working in Jersey. Get involved with our branch today and help our work.

The branch also has a Facebook page which you are invited to join:

As well as the committee, the branch also has a Vice Chair - Maureen Degruchy (Mo).

Members of this branch will be aware of the ongoing discussions around pay. We have several documents and background material if you wish to read it.

Pay 2018-19-20



We are aware that there has been an issue with the JNA ballot, we are waiting to hear what happens next and what this means for the pay offer. We remain clear that the RCN ballot process was robust and valid.


In our most recent ballot, members have accepted the mediated pay offer. If you were one of the 53% that voted, thank you very much. 75% of respondents accepted the pay offer and we have told your employer what the result is.

We know this process has been long and frustrating. Thank you for sticking with us and being so vocal. Make no mistake, without your consistent demonstration of your anger through our ballots, meetings and march, we would not have been able to put pressure on the States in the way that we did.

We have carefully read the comments on social media and on the ballot forms. We know that not everyone will be pleased about this result and we are also aware that there is still much to be done and we will be working with you and the States to make sure this is done in a timely way.

So that we achieve long standing pay equality with the AHPs our next piece of work is to look at the pay framework and JDs to make sure everyone is in the correct place. This will start immediately with the employer. We need you by our side as this work is done to ensure we put to bed the pay parity and equity issue once and for all. If you are interested in becoming involved then or you have any other comments then please let me know by emailing me


Pay by grade if offer is accepted. These figures have been sent to us by the States as a guide to your pay should the mediated offer be accepted. The 2020 offer is impossible to guess as we don't yet know RPI  so the 2020 figure could be higher or lower. These figures do not include the pay parity adjustments either as these will need to be worked out on the basis of the 2020 pay and the arrangements made with other pay groups.


Kenny has arranged some more drop in sessions for you to meet him and talk about the mediated offer. No need to book but please do see him if you can, he's been involved in all the talks and knows everything inside out:

Room 7, Education Centre, 4pm to 8pm on Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th, Monday 18th ,Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th.


Please find the final offer letter from the States, which we hope will be helpful for you to read: States-of-Jersey-Final-Offer-to-Nurses-Feb-19


The new pay ballot has been emailed to members today. You have until 11pm on 26 March to cast you vote. If you are undecided, please take advantage of speaking to one of your reps or having a telephone call with Regional Director Lindsay Meeks. Lindsay is available: Thursday 14 March 3.30-5pm and Monday 18 March 4.30-6.30pm. If you would like to book onto a slot, please contact: We are pushing the employer for the full breakdown of pay by grade and will share this as soon as we have it.


We now have the new pay offer, which is also being emailed to you at 1pm today, 1 March 2019. 

The new offer is as follows:

2018 - 3.1%
2019 - 3%
2020 - RPI (as of Sept 2019) + 1.3%
It is important to note that RPI isn't capped, it is currently expected to be 3.4% but could be higher or lower.
A "no detriment clause" is included which means if another pay group is given a better deal, the employer will match it for nurses and midwives. 
The additional 1.3% in 2020 is to address the gap in meeting the 2019 RPI which was 4.3%.
As well as this the Employer has proposed that all pay parity differences will be resolved across all pay levels in health effective from 1 Jan 2020. This will mean pay parity for all nurses by 2020, considerably better than by 2023 which was the original offer. We have been told repeatedly that there is no money for 2018/19, however the Employer has moved in that the previous offer that was going to be strung out for another three years is now being frontloaded to 2020 to ensure that by 1 Jan 2020 the pay gap will have been closed. There also remains a commitment, whatever it takes, to ensure the gap remains closed.
We will need to put this offer to all eligible voting members via ballot again. ** Please look out for this email next week.**
Before the ballot opens we have two drop in sessions for you. Please use these to ask questions and get the facts from Kenny McNeil who is one of the RCN negotiators:

4 March, Room 4 & Room 2 available 3.00-8.30pm
5 March, Room 4 & Room 7 available 3.00-8.30pm

20 FEB:

Following confidential mediation talks with SEB and the mediation team (which must remain confidential), we are now at a point where we believe we may have another offer of sufficient interest to put to you. 

Please come to the next branch meeting to discuss next steps - 28 February from 6pm - 7pm in rooms 1 & 2 of the Hospital Education Centre. It is important that we have as many of you as possible at this meeting so we hear all your views. The meeting may include sharing the detail around the new pay offer and hearing your initial views on it.

Any new pay offer would require a new ballot, so please make sure the details we hold about you are correct through My RCN

Please do spread the word to colleagues! 

14 FEB: 

Save the date for the next Branch Meeting which will take place on Thursday 28 February, 6pm-7pm, Rooms 1&2 Education Centre, Jersey General Hospital. 

We will be discussing the outcome of the mediation. This will either be a conversation around a revised offer or an industrial action ballot. Either way, it's important we know what members want to do, so if you can be there, please come!

29 JAN:

Public sector march/rally in Howard Davies Park. RCN meet at 9.30am by the large RCN sail banners. A limited number of RCN Tabards are available to wear. Please bring friends, family and children. Join us for some/all of the march, we will be finished by 12 noon. A large number of members will send a really strong message to the States!

24 JAN:

RCN Council met today and they unanimously approved the Jersey Branch application to hold an industrial action ballot on your SEB/HSCD pay offer. 

This is an historic moment and is the first time Council have agreed to a strike ballot. Council were vociferous in their support for you and discussed how they could support those of you involved in this dispute. 

A ballot may take place in the coming weeks, according to the results of the ongoing mediation, so it is vital you all start preparing. Tell your colleagues and other members. 

We will keep you informed on next steps but in the meantime please make sure you are ballot ready. Check your check your details online at My RCN - a valid postal address and correct employer are essential. 

You can also download this poster to print off and put up around your workplace and share with your colleagues: Jersey-update-your-details-poster

14 JAN:

The RCN South East Board met today. They agreed to approach RCN Council for permission to carrying out an Industrial Action ballot. Council are meeting on 24 Jan to consider this.

We had a useful meeting with the employer on Thursday last week and are meeting them again on Wednesday. After this meeting the process with JACS should start.

Our new Regional Director, Lindsay Meeks is keen to convene a group of 5-6 members to join us in a couple of face to face meetings to inform our work on pay parity and shape our work moving forward. If you'd like more information on this or be part of the group, please email: with your details.

8 JAN:

In a ballot that closed last night, members of the Royal College of Nursing on Jersey have rejected the “final” pay offer from the States.

Members were asked to accept or reject a 3.1% pay rise for 2018 and 3% pay rise for 2019.

On a turnout of 63%; 62% of members voted to reject the offer with 38% accepting.

Nurses have been angered as the below inflation offer failed to address any of the concerns raised by the College going back to 2012 when the promise of pay parity and workforce modernisation was agreed as a condition of the 2012/13/14 pay offer.

Lindsay Meeks, RCN South East Regional Director says: “The fact that so many of our members turned out to have their say speaks volumes. For too long nursing pay has lagged behind their allied health professional colleagues and our members have said enough is enough. Nurses aren’t asking for the world, they are asking that their world is made comfortable to live in with a salary that befits the work and responsibility that they have.

“Inevitably members will want to know what happens next – the answer is that we will be contacting the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service to mediate a conversation between ourselves and the States. We are also meeting with members tomorrow [Wednesday] to discuss next steps including asking them if they wish to make a request to RCN Council for industrial action to be pursued. Industrial action is an absolute last resort and we need to be sure that we have exhausted all possible avenues before taking this route.”

Workforce Modernisation (WFM)

Pay 2017

The 2017 pay offer has been accepted by RCN members and will be put into action in your June 2018 pay packet. This will include any back pay.

A presentation was given at the Branch Meeting on 29 May. The presentation that was delivered can be read here.
If you have any queries you should contact Kenny McNeil, Chairman Royal College Of Nursing, Jersey Branch, by calling 01534 444544 or 07797 892112

Page last updated - 30/08/2019