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  • Geoffrey Walker post-eye surgery Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 22 Jan 2021

    Being on the other side

    I had a cataract developing in my right eye for quite some time, over the Christmas I suddenly became blind in my right eye - a very frightening and nerve-racking experience.

  • Houses of Parliament Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 22 Jan 2021

    Council update and meeting with Devon MPs

    COVID-19 is very high on RCN Council’s agenda and we are constantly working to hold those in power to account to ensure that the vaccination programme is available to our members. We are also focused on both our safe and effective staffing campaign and our campaign for fair pay for nursing.  At this time both campaigns are more important than ever.

  • Nursing Support Workers' Day Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 23 Nov 2020

    Happy Nursing Support Workers' Day

    This is a message to all our nursing support worker colleagues.  Whether your job title is health care assistant, health care support worker, mental health support worker, assistant practitioner, nursing associate, trainee nursing associate; whether you work in the acute, primary, social or community sectors; whether you work in adult, children, learning disability or mental health; whether you work in the NHS, at a GP practice, in the  charity or independent sector – I see you and we celebrate your contribution to the health of our communities.

  • Nursing Support Workers' Day Lindsay Cardwell Lindsay Cardwell 19 Nov 2020

    Nursing support workers bring so much value to the team

    We’re looking forward to our first ever Nursing Support Workers’ Day on 23 November. On behalf of the College as Chair of the Nursing Support Worker Committee I would like to thank all nursing support workers for what you do.

  • Paulette Nuttall, Head of Adult Safeguarding, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG Paulette Nuttall Paulette Nuttall 10 Nov 2020

    Resilience, resolve and racism

    An open and honest personal reflection from Paulette Nuttall, CCG Head of Adult Safeguarding, on her family history as part of the Windrush generation and her experience of racism in her career. 

  • Nursing Support Workers' Day Lindsay Cardwell Lindsay Cardwell 28 Oct 2020

    Nursing Support Workers Committee meeting key messages

    We recently held a meeting of the Nursing Support Workers Committee and I'd like to share our key messages with you. We represent the RCN’s health care assistants, assistant practitioners, trainee nursing associates, nursing associates and nursing apprentices.

  • Graphic of RCN student with fob watch and clipboard Lucia Assirati Lucia Assirati 14 Oct 2020

    Introducing Lucia Assirati - your new RCN Student Committee South West member

    I’ve recently been elected to the South West seat on the RCN Students Committee. I was really excited when I heard that I’d won. It feels good to have this opportunity.

  • Lead, Govern, Inspire - RCN South West Council elections slogan Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 13 Oct 2020

    Update from Council

    The last several weeks has been a busy time for RCN Council. With the Issues over the presidential election and subsequent calls for an EGM we have had several more meetings than we would normally have had.

  • Lucy Muchina Lucy Muchina 4 Oct 2020

    Infection control: that old, new hot topic

    Infection control is the bedrock of nursing practice, one of the first things we are taught. A basic skill we could do in our sleep. But if last year you had asked me if I would wear a mask shopping, or apply hand sanitiser before getting in my car, I would have emphatically said no. 

  • RCN rep badge logo 2020 Lucy Muchina Lucy Muchina 7 Sep 2020

    Being RCN-active

    I’ve been a nurse for well over twenty years and my memories of working in clinical settings remain strong. I always looked forward to my shift because I enjoyed my job and working in the team I was part of.