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  • Judith Barry, RCN South West Board member for Somerset Judith Barry Judith Barry 11 Nov 2019

    I am both honoured and excited to be trusted with this role

    Judith Barry describes her journey from ordinary RCN member to steward and RCN South West Board member for Somerset, and reports on the last Board meeting.  

  • Dame Donna Kinnair, BJ Waltho and Geoffrey Walker at the RCN Council meeting 18-19 September 2019 Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 25 Sep 2019

    RCN Council meeting update

    I really like this quote: "If people are trying to bring you down, it only means one thing: you are already above them'.

  • Geoffrey Walker, RCN Council member for the South West Region Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 4 Sep 2019

    RCN Council Election: a big thank you to you all

    It will be an absolute honour to serve the South West for the next four years.

  • South West delegates lobbying MPs about safe staffing at Parliament on 16 July 2019 Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 23 Jul 2019

    RCN Council meeting and lobbying MPs at Westminster on staffing for safe and effective care

    "Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better." - Florence Nightingale 1820 - 1910

  • Liverpool docks at night with twinkling lights Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 3 Jun 2019

    We must be united

    Congress 2019 was a busy and very interesting time for the RCN and all delegates who attended especially from our region. I hope you had the opportunity to read my Congress daily blogs highlighting the key issues and perhaps you caught my live tweets from the Congress auditorium. Congress provided an opportunity for everyone to look at key issues affecting nursing today and the chance for members to have their say.

  • South West members at Congress in the auditorium Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 23 May 2019

    And the last day is upon us

    The rural health care debate was impassioned and hard hitting, Jody Ashford, one of our Devon students and Martin Tuckett, also from Devon, spoke to the resolution from personal experience.

  • Vicky Brotherton, Chair of the RCN Plymouth Branch Vicky Brotherton Vicky Brotherton 22 May 2019

    My self-funded RCN Congress

    I have had the great fortune to have been funded to attend Congress for the last four years as I have held a variety of elected positions in the RCN. I am currently the Chair of RCN Plymouth Branch, so this year I decided to self-fund my attendance to enable more branch members to attend this fantastic event and, I hope, get the RCN Congress bug. 

  • Plymouth Branch's Leonore Newson proposing the Plymouth Branch resolution on uniforms Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 22 May 2019

    What stars the South West Congress delegates have been

    Wednesday was another busy action-packed day here at RCN Congress and I cannot start without saying what stars the South West delegates have been. Each and every one has engaged and so many have spoken to or presented agenda items.

  • Senior RCN Officer Helen Hancox, RCN Council South West member Geoffrey Walker and Regional Service Manager Tony Aspinall at the RCN South West stand at RCN Congress 2019 Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 21 May 2019

    Day two at Congress and another action-packed day

    In the main conference hall we started Tuesday with a short film on the work of the RCN Foundation which was quite moving as we heard from nurses suffering hardship and the Foundation gave financial support.

  • Nettie Jones Chair of SW Board, Geoffrey Walker RCN Council SW member, Susan Masters South West Regional Director, Anne Marie Rafferty RCN President and Richard Jones, Vice Chair of RCN Council Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 20 May 2019

    Monday RCN Congress update: what an action-packed day one!

    We kicked off the proceedings with the AGM. Sue Warner, Chair of RCN Council, gave a great speech which included a clip from a video which focused on black and minority ethnic people and prejudice. It was very thought provoking and powerful.