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  • Mark Butler Mark Butler 15 Jun 2020

    The race we must strive to win

    The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month is a stark and dreadful reminder of the racism that exists in our society and of the discrimination and disadvantage that many people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds face.

  • Composite photo of Congress activities Dann Gooding Dann Gooding 11 Jun 2019

    RCN Congress through the West Midlands window

    The RCN’s annual Congress took place in Liverpool from 19 to 23 May.

  • Dann Gooding Dann Gooding 15 May 2019

    West Midlands Board meeting - May 2019

    The RCN West Midlands Regional Board met on 13 May 2019. The content of this blog includes the ‘key messages’, particularly for members in the West Midlands, but in the interests of transparency, they are open for all to read.

  • Tracey Budding Tracey Budding 22 Feb 2019

    Safe staffing - be in at the start of something big

    How often are you frustrated that you cannot deliver the quality of care that your patients and service users need because there aren’t enough staff on duty? How often are you anxious that they might not even be safe?

  • Mike Adams Mike Adams 13 Jun 2018

    Fair pay for all means stability for staff and services

    The recent decisions by the majority of health care unions, including the RCN, to accept the Government’s proposed three-year NHS pay deal for England paves the way for NHS staff to start receiving more money in their pay packets from next month.

  • Mike Adams Mike Adams 25 Jan 2018

    Could you be an RCN rep?

    The benefits that our workplace representatives offer to, and gain from, the RCN are now showcased in a series of new short films that capture the essence of this mutual value.

  • Ruth Burey Ruth Burey 22 Dec 2017

    Talking quality, sharing good practice

    Our RCN Quality Improvement Network (QIN) in the West Midlands was established in response to an identified need locally for a dedicated forum for showcasing and sharing nursing innovation and a space to explore challenges and solutions on quality and safety issues in health care.

  • Mike Adams Mike Adams 14 Dec 2017

    A winter wonder band of nurses

    The snowy cold snap that gripped parts of the West Midlands earlier this week yielded stories of some truly exceptional feats of determination and dedication to duty by nurses and their colleagues.

  • Mike Adams Mike Adams 9 Nov 2017

    The opportunities and risks of STPs

    In trying to meet as many health care and nursing leaders in the West Midlands as possible since my appointment in the summer, I’ve been keen to find out what impact the six Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships in the region are having.