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Branches are made up of all RCN members in a geographic area. They help organise RCN activities in their area and provide opportunities for members to participate in and shape the work of the RCN.

Birmingham East and North and Solihull

  • Chair: Tammy Bellamy
  • Secretary: Barbara Blackhall
  • Treasurer: Chris Barber
  • Committee member: Sarah Percival-Clarke

Coventry and Warwickshire

  • Chair: Kath Bell
  • Secretary: Phil Noyes
  • Treasurer: Sylvia Torchon
  • Committee member: Denise Crampsie
  • Committee member: Sue Warner
  • Committee member: Terri Stevens


  • Chair: Leslie Fardoe
  • Secretary: Kehinde Lewis
  • Treasurer: Keith Booles
  • Committee member: Helen Jones


  • Chair: Julie Reece
  • Secretary: Mia Dolan
  • Treasurer: Patricia Goodyer

Birmingham West and Sandwell

  • Chair: Judith Whalley
  • Secretary: Phil Cole
  • Treasurer: Michael Lewis
  • Committee member (Equality and Diversity): Angela Phillips


  • Chair: Hannah Philips
  • Secretary: Liz Wood
  • Treasurer: Liz Brasnett
  • Committee member: Tim Woods

South Birmingham

  • Chair: Olga Leach-Walters
  • Secretary: Claire Richardson
  • Treasurer: Claire Moses
  • Committee member: Sarah Waters
  • Committee member: Cheryl Nyabezi
  • Committee member: Sibil Fernandez

Black Country

  • Chair: Jayne Hawkins
  • Secretary: Claire Flatt 
  • Treasurer: Elsie Gayle
  • Committee member: Gail Brooks

North Staffordshire

  • Chair: Abe Golamaully
  • Secretary: Linden Lawton
  • Treasurer: Rob Irving
  • Committee member: Helen Lawton

South Staffordshire

  • Chair: Anna Redpath 
  • Secretary: Lisa Parkhurst
  • Treasurer: Katharine Melvin

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