Nursing Together

RCN London released its booklet, Nursing Together, Fighting for Nursing in London, in August 2017.  The booklet highlights the major issues facing the profession in the Capital and shows members how they can help bring about progressive change.


The booklet, which explores Brexit, Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), pay, safe staffing, diversity and housing and transport aims to better inform members and encourage them to get involved in the debates that shape the profession and services they work in.

As well as setting out the RCN position on the big issues, the publication uses powerful case studies from London members to illustrate the real human impact of decisions made by politicians.

Amongst the case studies, Amina, a paediatric nurse from South London, discusses her difficulty securing affordable housing and Ismalia, a stroke specialist from Portugal, outlines how Brexit is affecting the EU workforce here in the Capital.

The booklet shows members what practical steps they can take to influence the decision making process, from contacting local representatives to using social media.

There is also updated information about the RCN London team including contact details for regional support available to members.

You can view the booklet here.

Page last updated - 03/08/2019