Informing the nursing profession and sharing members' stories

The truth about flu

Find out why you should get the flu vaccine to help protect yourself and your patients

Homeless hospital discharge nursing

A small number of nurses have been finding ways to serve the health needs of the UK’s growing homeless population. Sam Dorney-Smith explains how they’re making care more inclusive

Download the September issue of RCN Bulletin

September issue of Bulletin

A different type of nursing

RCN members talk about their rewarding roles in interventional radiology, a form of image-guided surgery that’s developing rapidly

The person behind the position

Dame Donna Kinnair on the challenges, triumphs and tragedies which have led her to become RCN Chief Executive & General Secretary

Where there's a will...

Many of us are reluctant to think about writing a will. But with expert support, the process may be more straightforward than you imagine. RCNLaw is here to help

Men's Shed tackles social isolation

Sarah’s created an activity and health hub to help men form friendships and take control of their wellbeing

Studies save lives

Professor Danny Kelly speaks to nursing research expert Linda Aiken ahead of her keynote speech at the 2019 RCN International Nursing Research Conference

Download our safe staffing campaign special issue of RCN Bulletin

Download our safe staffing campaign special issue of RCN Bulletin

Persuading politicians we need more nurses

Political influencing is key to our safe staffing campaign. Student nurse Amy shares her top tips for meeting your elected representative

Let's make some noise

Together we have the power to pressure the government into tackling unsafe staffing levels in England

A class act

RCN members in Scotland made a massive contribution to shaping new safe staffing legislation. Find out what the law means and what needs to be done now

Safer staff and safer patients

Rhian explains how a law for safe nurse staffing levels in Wales is having an impact on the frontline

‘Nurses feel exploited and can take no more’

Without a fair pay deal, Northern Ireland will continue to haemorrhage nursing staff and patient safety will be further compromised

Investing in our future workforce

The number of nursing degree applicants in England has fallen 29% since the bursary was axed. We need urgent investment to reverse the trend