Informing RCN activists and sharing their stories

The voice of members

Making the decision on the NHS pay deal in England

Unsafe place

Fumes from the psychoactive drug spice are putting prison nursing staff at risk

Zero tolerance

The RCN re-affirms its stance on sexual harassment and abuses of power

Are you ready for GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in on 25 May

NHS pay deal: busting the myths

Helping members work through the minefield of misinformation about the NHS pay deal for England

Let's do the deal

The RCN is urging members to accept a new NHS pay deal for England, which will see all members get a pay rise and most between 6.5% and 29% over three years

Rest, rehydrate and refuel

RCN launches campaign to encourage a healthier, happier workplace

A new community of reps

An RCN initiative is helping reps share knowledge and feel more valued

Let's be sociable

RCN Facebook groups are a great way to connect with members, but effective moderation is key

Under discussion

How is the RCN approaching talks with the Government on NHS pay, terms and conditions? And what happens next?

Using evidence

Find out how the RCN Library and Archive Service can help you support members

Widen your lens

Hamira has a passion for raising awareness of race equality

A catalyst for change

After eight years on RCN Council, and four years as Chair, Michael Brown reflects on a job well done

Never acceptable

Reps met with MPs to urge them to protect nursing staff from workplace assaults

Maintaining momentum

Reps from around the UK meet  to discuss what comes next

NHS injury allowance

Steward Phil Noyes reflects on a recent case