Informing RCN activists and sharing their stories

Creating healthier workplaces

Reps come together to share learning and discuss how to improve workplace conditions for nursing staff

How to support staff off sick with work-related stress

RCN steward Phil Noyes shares his advice on how to make sure members experiencing work-related stress are supported by their employers and get the sick pay they’re entitled to

Legal update: covert recordings

A recent case demonstrates why employees and employers should avoid secretly recording meetings or conversations at work

Mental health in the workplace

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, shares his insights into how employers can support mental health and wellbeing at work

Legal update: expressing religious beliefs

We look at a recent case in which a nurse was dismissed for expressing their religious beliefs inappropriately at work

Download the September issue of RCN Activate

Download the March issue of RCN Activate

Tempting offer threatens pension pots

Some NHS trusts are incentivising nursing staff to temporarily opt out of their pension scheme. Find out why we should push back

Starting the conversation

Can reps play a part in supporting work colleagues who may be thinking of suicide? New guidance suggests they can

Download the July issue of RCN Activate

Download the July issue of Activate

Stand and deliver

Have you thought about standing for election to the RCN professional nursing or trade union committees? Find out why it’s something you should consider…

Supervision to suit you

New supervision standards mean that all RCN learning reps and safety reps will be given the same level of high quality support

Download the June issue of RCN Activate

Download the June issue of RCN Activate

Preventing workplace bullying

Nursing staff call for legislation to stop the harmful effects of intimidation

How can we support staff dealing with trauma?

Dany Cotton is transforming the London Fire Brigade’s approach to mental health. At RCN Congress Dany spoke about how we can do the same for nursing

Download the May issue of RCN Activate

Download the May issue of Activate