Informing health care support workers and sharing their stories

Speaking up for you

Evan Keir has been elected as your representative on RCN Council. We find out a little more about him and his plans 

Fancy some free training?

Get 21 May in your diary – that’s HCA Day at RCN Congress in Liverpool. Make sure you’re there for a jam-packed day of free training and development

Download the spring 2019 issue of RCN Health+Care

The spring 2019 issue of RCN Health+Care 

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Thinking about your next role? Linda Ewen talks about how she helps other support workers develop their careers

Look beyond assumptions

Ellan Corner explains why taking individual needs into account is so important when working with people with a learning disability

New year, new role

As she nears the completion of her nursing associate training, Georgina Portis reflects on two years of hard work

Let's talk about sex

While most young people are able to express their sexuality without fear of comment or ridicule, it’s not the same for everyone

Patient champion

Hannah helps patients better understand what’s happening while they’re being treated on an adult mental health ward 

Money matters

Too much month left at the end of your money? An updated RCN money guide gives nursing staff quick and easy access to advice

Regulation and recognition

Lindsay Cardwell says it’s time for assistant practitioners to be regulated

Download the autumn 2018 issue of RCN Health+Care

Autumn 2018 issue of RCN Health+Care 

Uncharted territory

What’s it like to work as an assistant practitioner in a GP practice?

Knowing when to say no

Roz Hooper, from the RCN’s legal team, explains why you must speak out if you’re uncomfortable with work delegated to you

Valued, inspirational, professional

Meet the nursing staff supporting patients at a specialist cancer centre in south Wales

Promoting independence

Beth Cook and Sharon Thompson work in an innovative role helping patients regain their independence at home