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  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 20 Dec 2019

    The End of an Eventful Year

    North West Regional Director Estephanie Dunn looks back on a busy year in our region. 

  • Sharon Mason Sharon Mason 21 Jun 2019

    Bullying and harassment - a 2019 Congress reflection

    Bullying is very much a focus in healthcare right now and is a significant patient safety concern.   Speaking up early will prevent things getting to a stage where it becomes a grievance and going down litigation routes that are long processes.  

  • Lorraine Tymon Lorraine Tymon 19 Jun 2019

    When it comes to end of life care, Dying Matters

    RCN member Lorraine Tymon helped to deliver a community event in partnership with Dying Matters, to raise awareness about the importance of planning for advance care and end of life.

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 11 Jun 2019

    A Busy Summer

    Welcome to the summer edition of our member e-newsletter. 

  • Dave Dawes Dave Dawes 11 Jun 2019

    Regional Board Chair reflects on Congress

    I have just returned from another fantastic Congress and it was wonderful to see it return to our region. 

  • Dave Dawes Dave Dawes 11 Mar 2019

    Hitting the ground running

    Firstly I wanted to thank everyone who re-elected me back to Council and I am honoured and humbled to have had such strong support from members across the region. 

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 11 Mar 2019

    2019 has got off to a flying start

    The year has got off to a flying start with the launch of our safe staffing campaign. The RCN is campaigning for legislation to guarantee nurse staffing levels in England across all sectors and settings. 

  • Maggy Heaton Maggy Heaton 22 Feb 2019

    Get behind the Safe and Effective Care campaign

    How can members in the North West get behind the new Safe and Effective Care campaign? 

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 3 Jan 2019

    Happy New Year to our NW members!

    Welcome to a brand new year and I wish you all the best for a healthy and prosperous one.

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 4 Dec 2018

    In touch - Winter 2018