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  • Jenifer French Jenifer French 10 Aug 2021

    The difference between mental health and wellbeing and mental illness and stigma

    Health and social care have been rocked to the core by the pandemic and we know the long-term effects of COVID-19 are only just being realised.

  • NHS pay deal Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 22 Jul 2021

    3% - really?

    RCN Wales’ Associate Director of Nursing Nicky Hughes reacts to the Welsh Government’s long-awaited NHS pay award announcement

  • Nicola Davis-Job Nicola Davis-Job 6 Jul 2021

    Join one of the RCN’s many nursing communities

    Find out how you can make a vital contribution to the professional voice of the RCN – and meet like-minded nurses

  • Jenifer French Jenifer French 13 May 2021

    Are Mental Health Crisis Services in Crisis?

    This Mental Health Awareness Week Jenifer French, RCN Wales' Mental Health and Learning Disability Adviser, explores whether mental health services are in crisis

  • Jenifer French Jenifer French 26 Mar 2021

    Out of sight and out of mind

    It’s time to make fundamental changes to how secondary and specialist mental health and learning disability services are delivered in Wales

  • Fair Pay for Nursing Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 11 Mar 2021

    How will you get involved in the #FairPayForNursing campaign?

    Nicky Hughes, RCN Wales Associate Director of Nursing (Employment Relations), talks about nursing pay - and the simple actions our members can take to get involved in the RCN's #FairPayForNursing campaign.

  • Richard Jones MBE Richard Jones MBE Richard Jones MBE 5 Mar 2021

    Meet Richard Jones MBE, Chair of the RCN Wales Board

    Richard Jones MBE, newly-elected Chair of the RCN Wales Board, shares his vision for the next two years

  • Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 16 Feb 2021

    RCN Valuing Nursing Week

    Nicky Hughes, Associate Director of Nursing (Employment Relations), RCN Wales, talks about the RCN Valuing Nursing Week, which runs from 15 - 19 February 2021

  • Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 9 Feb 2021

    How we are fighting to keep you safe

    Since the start of the pandemic the RCN has been demanding that nurses, nursing support workers and nursing students are kept safe in whatever work setting they practice.    

  • Jenifer French Jenifer French 18 Jan 2021

    Reclaim Blue Monday to be Mindful Monday

    This year is our chance to tell the PR industry who use Blue Monday to promote products, be that, holidays or a variety of wellbeing products that we intend to rename this depressing day as “Mindful Monday”.