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Nursing Pay in Wales

The Fair Pay For Nursing campaign aims to secure a pay increase that is 5% higher than the cost of living. 

Costs have been spiralling at an unaffordable rate and are set to continue rising. For example, inflation – the way we measure how quickly prices are rising – stood at 7.5% in December 2021.

Nursing deserves a pay rise that is 5% above inflation, as part of a one-year deal that applies equally to all NHS nursing staff at all Agenda for Change pay bands.

RCN Wales has submitted supplementary evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body for 2022 alongside the RCN's UK-wide evidence. Once the Welsh Government confirms the 2022 pay award later this year, RCN members will be asked what they think.

The Welsh Government’s response will indicate what it believes nursing staff who work outside of the NHS deserve too. We are clear that there must be parity of pay and other terms and conditions for all nursing staff, regardless of employer.

Health is devolved, and funding our health and care system is a political choice. The Welsh Government should make the right choice now. 

Read our submission to the Pay Review Body

We make the case for a pay uplift 5% above inflation and explore the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the staffing crisis facing the profession and the spiralling cost of living.

NHS Pay in Wales

The RCN Fair Pay For Nursing campaign is about:

  • recognising the complexity of skill, responsibility and experience demonstrated every day, by nursing support workers, assistant practitioners, registered nurses and all members of the profession.
  • making sure that a safety critical profession can reach safe staffing levels and fill tens of thousands of unfilled nursing jobs.
  • recognising that the salaries of too many nursing professionals has not kept pace with increases to their living costs over the past decade.

Ultimately, it's about providing safe and effective care for all people of the United Kingdom.

The Fair Pay for Nursing campaign aims to secure significant pay increase for all nursing staff covered by Agenda for Change terms. This increase should be fully funded by HM Treasury rather than repurposing existing NHS Wales funds, as part of a one-year deal that applies equally to all bands.

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Page last updated - 06/06/2022