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Nursing Pay in Wales

The latest on the 'Fair pay for Nursing' Campaign in Wales 

RCN Wales continues to work with Welsh government and NHS employers through the partnership forums to ensure the timely implementation of the non-pay elements set out in the latest offer accepted by members in September 2023.  Catch up on our latest Q&A on the non-pay elements on YouTube.

A full breakdown of the status and progress of each non-pay element can be found here.

Fair pay for Nursing - the story so far

The RCN’s formal dispute with the Welsh government regarding pay for 2022/23 and 2023/24 has now come to an end. This comes as members accepted the latest offer from the Welsh government surrounding non-pay elements to improve the working lives of nursing staff, following a consultative ballot between 31 July-3 August 2023. Read the offer in full.

RCN Wales will now work in social partnership to support the implementation of these non-pay elements. We will hold Welsh government and NHS employers to account to ensure this is achieved with a current timeline of April 2024.


RCN Wales will continue to ensure that fair pay for nursing in relation to pay for 2024/25 and beyond remains on the agenda, led by our membersvoice.

You can stay up to date with the progress on each of the non-pay elements here.

What have members received already?


Previously, an offer announced in April was implemented, despite RCN members in Wales and the Society of Radiographers rejecting the offer, as a majority across all health trade unions voted to accept it. RCN Wales members received the additional payments for both 2022/23 and 2023/24. Read more in our member news story.



How did we get here? The collective power of our members

Two rounds of RCN strike action across Wales took place in December 2022 and June 2023,and one round of strike action due to take place in February 2023 was cancelled due to the Welsh government agreeing to return to the table to negotiate. Strike action, and the threat of further strike action, led to repeated improved offers from the Welsh government, which shows the collective power of our members’ voices.


Going forward, strike action is not the only tool members can use to achieve results. Your voice has been heard and your collective power has meant that Welsh government and NHS Employers have been made to listen.



The Fair Pay for Nursing Campaign is about:

  • recognising that salaries of nursing professionals has consistently fallen below inflation – a fact which is being exacerbated by the cost of living crisis – and must now rise significantly to reflect that
  • valuing the training, qualifications, skills, responsibilities and experience demonstrated every day by nursing staff
  • ensuring that nursing is seen as an attractive, rewarding profession to tackle the tens of thousands of unfilled nursing posts.

Ultimately, it's about providing safe and effective care for all people of the United Kingdom.

We are clear that nursing staff deserve the same and fair pay no matter the setting or sector.

The Fair Pay for Nursing campaign aims to secure a significant pay increase for all nursing staff covered by Agenda for Change terms. It should apply equally to all NHS nursing staff at all Agenda for Change pay bands.

Health is devolved, and funding our health and care system is a political choice. 

Read our submission to the NHS Pay Review Body

RCN Wales has submitted supplementary evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body for 2022 alongside the RCN's UK-wide evidence.

We made the case for a pay uplift 5% above inflation and explore the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the staffing crisis facing the profession and the spiralling cost of living.

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