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  • Dame Donna Kinnair Dame Donna Kinnair 26 Feb 2021

    Why we must speak up on nursing pay

    Dame Donna Kinnair updates members on her demands to the UK Government ahead of the Budget.

  • Protect the future of nursing campaign logo Susan Aitkenhead Susan Aitkenhead 25 Feb 2021

    RCN Scotland launches new campaign ahead of Scottish election

    Today (25 February) RCN Scotland launches Protect the Future of Nursing - our campaign for the Scottish election 2021. Susan Aitkenhead explains why, now more than ever, action is needed.  

  • Two female staff nurses organising medicines on an acute ward - one black, one white Lucy Muchina Lucy Muchina 23 Feb 2021

    Is enough being done to address racism in health care?

    One unexpected consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to highlight deep, structural and systemic inequalities in our society. The stark fact is that black, Asian and minority ethnic people are more likely to suffer serious health consequences and die from this new virus.

  • Josh Berlyne Josh Berlyne 23 Feb 2021

    Hello from Josh Berlyne, RCN London's Support and Campaigns Officer

    Hear from Josh about some of the great work reps are doing in the capital, and how you can get involved.

  • Jason Warriner Jason Warriner 22 Feb 2021

    It's a sin...

    The history of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the UK is generating many discussions at the moment in the media and raising public awareness of HIV in a way not seen for many years. Nurses have always played a key role in the care and treatment of people living with HIV from the early days of the pandemic to present day.

  • Kathy Whayman Kathy Whayman 18 Feb 2021

    Finding Inspiration and support online

    In current times, we have to embrace technology in a way we have not seen before. For teaching and learning there are many exciting things happening where to keep up to date we must use platforms, apps and social media- one area in GI Nursing where this is happening is the development of virtual conferences and forums.

  • Geoffrey Walker, Matron at Poole Hospital, South West member of RCN Council and Chair of RCN Dorset Branch Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 16 Feb 2021

    A day in the life of me

    I am always interested to know about other people’s lives so thought I would start by telling you about mine.

  • Nicky Hughes Nicky Hughes 16 Feb 2021

    RCN Valuing Nursing Week

    Nicky Hughes, Associate Director of Nursing (Employment Relations), RCN Wales, talks about the RCN Valuing Nursing Week, which runs from 15 - 19 February 2021

  • Gail Mander Gail Mander 16 Feb 2021

    Tissue Donation - Information for Healthcare Professionals

    Up to 50 people can benefit from tissue donated from 1 donor, but despite the amazing benefits that tissue donation can bring and the comfort that donation can give to bereaved families, it is a subject that many health care professionals know little about. 

  • Celebrating 20 years of the London and South East History of Nursing Group Dianne Yarwood Dianne Yarwood 15 Feb 2021

    Celebrating 20 years of the London and South East History of Nursing Group

    Dianne Yarwood talks about the London and South East History of Nursing Group and how you can join.