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International nursing members

Information, guidance and advice for international members working in the UK.

If you are an internationally-educated nursing professional working within the UK, welcome to the RCN. 

With over half a million members, we are the world’s largest nursing trade union and professional body.

Coming to the UK?

Information for overseas nursing staff and students coming to the UK.

There are lots of things to think about before moving to the UK for work or study. Our advice guide for overseas nursing staff and students covers all the essentials, including:

  • employment contracts in the UK
  • work experience and examinations
  • bringing your family with you
  • the UK health system and NMC

Going on maternity leave or taking a career break? Switch your membership to save money and stay protected. 

How the RCN can support you

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Member support

We're here to help. We offer counselling, peer support and immigration advice.
Nurse campaigning

Case studies

See how we have recently helped some of our international members.
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Careers Service

Find out more about expert career coaching, online resources and events.
People in forum


Join one or more of our forums and networks.


Develop and grow with access to Europe’s largest nursing library resource. 
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Financial wellbeing

Advice, support, and resources to help you feel more in control.

Further resources

Celebrating and supporting IEN staff live events

Our live events for internationally educated nursing staff can assist you with some of the challenges and questions you may have. Visit our webpage for further information and live event dates.

RCN Foundation

Help for International Nurses registered in the UK, registered with the NMC or working as an HCA in the UK.

Journey of an Internationally educated nurse short film series

As the number of internationally educated nursing staff (IENS) coming to work in the UK continues to rise, this series of short films highlights some of the unique stories from our IEN members as they reflect on their journey to, and experience of living in the UK.


You need to revalidate with the NMC every three years to remain fit to practise.

Resources specific to where you are practicing

For more information and resources relating to your specific country of practice, take a look at our links to information from various sources:

View the International Recruitment | NHSScotland Careers website for more information.

Visit the Train, Work, Live website for more information.

For information on visas and immigration, visit

Fair Pay For Nursing

Get involved

Become an RCN representative or join one of our many forums and networks.  Get involved and together we can achieve more.

CPD Programme for Indian nurses

RCNi has launched an online education resource for nurses in India, which provides best practice for continuing professional development in nursing.

Attending Congress?

Find out everything you need to know about attending Congress 2024 and what to expect.

Find out more information about RCN Congress 

Nurse and midwife membership

Find out what the RCN can offer nurses and midwives.

HCAs, APs, NAs and TNAs

Find out what the RCN can offer you if you are working in the nursing team.