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A smiling nurse with the RCN Institute of Nursing Excellence logo

The RCN Institute of Nursing Excellence

Progressing the nursing profession through five new academies

The RCN Institute of Nursing Excellence is made up of five new academies, each with a specific focus to drive improvements and innovation.

The academies share a collective aim to support our members in being brilliant nursing professionals, who:

  • provide outstanding care
  • lead with confidence
  • innovate in brave new ways
  • advocate for their patients, service users, clients and colleagues
  • research nationally and internationally 
Many aspects of nursing need fixing, and we’re the organisation to help fix them. We’ll set the standards and drive the vision of what outstanding nursing care is, does and needs. We’ll determine the solutions for nursing and deliver them. We'll be fearless and uncompromising in our pursuit of progressing the remarkable profession of nursing. And we’ll do all of this through the RCN Institute of Nursing Excellence.
Read on to discover the five new academies.

Photo of a nurse with a blue overlay and the nursing leadership academy logo

Nursing Leadership Academy

Lead the way

This academy will empower existing and aspiring nursing leaders to drive positive change in health care.

5 goals of the Nursing Leadership Academy

  • Provide leadership development programmes for nursing staff at different career stages.
  • Establish mentorship initiatives connecting experienced and aspiring nursing leaders.
  • Provide resources and support for nurses in leadership positions.
  • Offer training on ethical decision making and effective leadership strategies, navigating internal and external political factors.
  • Advocate for diversity and inclusion in nursing leadership. 

Nursing Practice Academy

Strive for excellence

This academy will empower nursing staff with clinical skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional patient care.

5 goals of the Nursing Practice Academy

  • Provide resources and guidance for evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and skill development among nursing staff. 
  • Collaborate with health care institutions to improve patient care standards. 
  • Develop training programmes for different nursing specialties.
  • Offer workshops on the latest technologies and treatments.

Photo of a nurse with a yellow overlay and the nursing practice academy logo

Photo of a nurse with a purple overlay and the nursing workforce academy logo

Nursing Workforce Academy

Recognise your value

This academy will set evidence-based professional standards for the number of nursing staff needed to provide safe and effective patient care. 

5 goals of the Nursing Workforce Academy

  • Successfully campaign for safety-critical nurse-to-patient ratios.
  • Advocate for improved working conditions and work-life balance.
  • Influence initiatives to retain experienced nursing staff and reduce turnover.
  • Support members to understand safe staffing and be able to advocate for themselves and their patients.
  • Conduct workforce research and analysis to influence key stakeholders for our profession.

International Nursing Academy

Connect through nursing

This academy will strengthen nursing collaboration and knowledge-sharing on a global scale.

5 goals of the International Nursing Academy

  • Establish partnerships with nursing organisations and institutions worldwide.
  • Facilitate exchange programmes for nursing staff to learn from diverse health care systems.
  • Share best practice and research findings to improve global nursing care standards.
  • Contribute to international health initiatives and disaster relief efforts.
  • Promote cultural competence and understanding among nurses. 

photo of a nurse with a purple overlay and the international nursing academy logo

Photo of  a nurse with a green overlay and the activism academy logo

Activism Academy

Be the change

This academy will empower our members to win positive change in their workplaces, communities and the nursing profession.

5 goals of the Activism Academy

  • Create a supportive environment for members to become active and make change.
  • Use the organising approach so that our members are influential in the decisions that shape their experiences.
  • Provide learning and development opportunities to give our activists a thorough grounding in their role 
  • Develop our branches and rep communities, and introduce new forms of activism for our professional and trade union functions.
  • Create further opportunities for our activists to develop, excel and lead as active members.