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RCN President and Council updates

25 blog posts
  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 24 Nov 2023

    Fighting for the wellbeing of our nursing staff

    Following her celebrations for Nursing Support Workers' Day RCN President Sheila Sobrany writes about how the RCN has spent this month fighting for the wellbeing of its members.

  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 19 Oct 2023

    Standing up for Black nursing staff

    For Black History Month, RCN President Sheila Sobrany writes about how the RCN is celebrating throughout October, and the continuing struggle for racial justice and equality.

  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 21 Sep 2023

    Season change in nursing

    RCN President, Sheila Sobrany looks at the challenges and opportunities in the coming months

  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 18 Aug 2023

    Your nursing journey starts here

    RCN President Sheilabye Sobrany congratulates those about to start their nursing degree and shares some insight into developments in simulation-based education. 

  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 6 Jul 2023

    A defining moment for nursing and the NHS

    RCN President, Sheila Sobrany reflects on the 75th anniversary of the NHS and our upcoming AGM.

  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 26 May 2023

    Nursing in the spotlight at #RCN23

    RCN President Sheila Sobrany shares her highlights from RCN Congress 2023, where thousands of members engaged in debates, discussions, and decision-making.

  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 29 Mar 2023

    A month of inspirational member action and results

    RCN President Sheila Sobrany reflects on a busy month packed with inspirational stories of members coming together to represent their commitment to the nursing profession and celebrate their diversity.

  • Sheilabye Sobrany Sheilabye Sobrany 16 Feb 2023

    Represent, inspire and empower

    RCN President Sheila Sobrany sets out her vision for her role.

  • Dr Denise Chaffer Dr Denise Chaffer 23 Dec 2022

    Returning to the beginning - Starting with the end in mind

    Denise Chaffer reflects on her time as RCN President and congratulates incoming President Sheila Sobrany.

  • Dr Denise Chaffer Dr Denise Chaffer 24 Oct 2022

    We must work together to transform the RCN

    RCN President Dr Denise Chaffer reflects on the findings of the recent independent review into RCN culture and sets out the need for both immediate actions and transformational change.