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Employment and Pay

We support nurses, HCAs and APs in the UK to ensure that employment conditions and pay are fair for all.

NHS pay 

Find out more about NHS pay for 2023-24.

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Fair Pay For Nursing

Nursing is the largest safety-critical profession in health care, playing a vital role in patient care.

Despite this, nursing remains understaffed and undervalued. After years of underinvestment, the government must act urgently to protect patient care by protecting the profession.

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Pay, terms and conditions in Independent Health and Social Care employers

Find information about fair pay, terms and conditions in the Independent Health and Social Care sector.

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Influencing starts with insight

Explore our Nursing Workforce Insights page to understand what the nursing workforce in England looks like right now, why we're demanding faster progress and what you can do to help.
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Raising concerns

What to do if you see poor care or feel you are being prevented from providing safe, compassionate care.

Health and safety

Read about how we campaign for improvements to members working environments.


How was your last shift?

Nursing staffing levels impact patient safety. We can’t improve one without improving the other.

Tell us about the staffing on your last shift and help us build an accurate picture of how things are now, so we can fight for change.