Regional Board

The board meets three times each year. If you wish to observe a board meeting or contact a board member, please email

About the board

The board advises and supports the Regional Director in setting and delivering the RCN's priorities in the region. It meets three times a year and its members are elected by the regional membership.

It also advances the RCN's aims and objectives to:

  • promote the art and science of nursing, and the better education and training of nurses
  • promote the advancement of nursing as a profession in all or any of its branches
  • promote the professional standing and interests of members of the nursing profession
  • assist nurses who due to adversity, ill health or otherwise are in need of assistance

Key messages from board meetings

17 February 2020

Board member Name
Mark Butler
RCN Council member (ex officio)  Rod Thomson
RCN Professional Nursing Committee member (ex officio) Julie Green 
RCN Trade Union Committee member (ex officio) Karl Marshall
Member Jean Fisher
Member Maria Arthur
Member Christopher Barber
Member Aimie Morgan
Member  Kevin Crimmons 
Member Olga Leach-Walters
Member  Gail Dempsey
Member  Terri Stevens 
Member Bernice Amao

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