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Here you'll find newsevents and opinions covering the health care issues in Wales, including the work the RCN does with the National Assembly for Wales, support for members and training and development opportunities brought to you by the RCN Wales Professional Practice Department.  At this point in time the content of this section of the website is only available in English.

Croeso i RCN Cymru

Fan hyn, fe welwch newyddion, digwyddiadau a barnau sy'n ymdrin â'r materion gofal iechyd yng Nghymru, sy'n cynnwys y gwaith a wnawn gyda Chynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru, cymorth i aelodau a chyfleoedd hyfforddi a datblygu a gyflwynwyd i chi gan Athrofa RCN Cymru. Ar hyn o bryd, mae cynnwys y rhan hon o'r wefan ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.  

Ward Sister named RCN in Wales Nurse of the Year 2015

Claire Harris, a Ward Sister at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board was named Wales Nurse of the Year 2015 at our 4th Annual RCN in Wales Nurse of the Year Awards, held at City Hall, Cardiff.

Ward sister Claire has been instrumental in delivering the Stroke Design Programme within her health board. This programme aimed to create a single site stroke service and has seen the introduction of six hyper acute stroke beds at Royal Gwent Hospital. As a result the Acute Stroke Unit (ASU) has seen an increase in discharge rates and a reduction in the average length of stay for patients. This has had a direct effect on patients who have suffered a stroke, enabling them to be transferred to ASU sooner meaning their patient journey to recovery could begin earlier.

Commenting on Claire’s achievement, Tina Donnelly Director, RCN Wales, said: “The care of stroke patients is a priority within Welsh health care. With an ageing population that have increasingly specialist needs, we require outstanding clinical practitioners to be in place to ensure the highest standards of care for this vulnerable group. Claire Harris is a prime example of the right nursing care for the right patients."

Ground floor refurbishment at RCN Wales HQ 

The ground floor of RCN Wales’ headquarters in Cardiff will be undergoing a lengthy refurbishment, to begin on Monday 28th September 2015. Part of this remodeling will include an entirely new library facility for members. Whilst this refurbishment is taking place, members in Wales will have no access to a physical library, as the library will be closed and all the stock will be in storage. The remaining services will still be provided:

• Books – can be ordered online via the library catalogue, posted to members’ homes or collected from Ty Maeth. Also over 1400 books are available online.
• Journals – over 1000 titles are available full text online.  All our databases are also available online.
• Literature searches – can be requested via an online form. This service is only available for full members, but we are happy to help students to learn to search the databases.
• Database training – information skills sessions with library staff will still be available.

Library staff will still be available to contact by phone or email and may be available to deliver services locally.

What is revalidation?

NMC Revalidation is a process being introduced by the NMC that all nurses and midwives will be required to undertake every three years, in order to renew their registration.

NMC Revalidation will be the way in which nurses and midwives demonstrate to the NMC that they continue to practice safely and effectively, and can remain on the register. In order to revalidate, every nurse and midwife will have to declare to the NMC that they are meeting the standards of the revised NMC code, received confirmation from a third party that this is true, and be able to offer evidence which shows how this has been achieved.  

The NMC have piloted their proposed model for revalidation in different settings across the UK, including Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. The model piloted requires evidence that nurses and midwives have:

  • completed the required minimum hours of practice and continuing professional development (CPD) over the 3 year period
  • obtained a minimum of five pieces of feedback over the 3 year period from a range of sources 
  • recorded at least five reflections on this feedback, the Code and/or learning activities undertaken, and had a professional development discussion with another NMC registrant, covering these reflections
  • obtained confirmation from an appropriate third party that they have met the requirements for revalidation.    

Our revalidation online resource has information and resources for registrants, anyone who has been asked to be a confirmer and for employers of registered nurses and midwives. 

You can also read more information in our leaflet for registrants on NMC revalidation with information and FAQs.   

Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Bill: Update

We are now at a critical stage with the Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Bill and need your help!

The Health and Social Care Committee was due to hold a detailed discussion of the Bill on 9th July 2015. But this discussion was cancelled and no new discussion has been scheduled.

If this Bill is to become law it MUST have a detailed discussion (known as Stage Two) of possible amendments. Before this can happen the Government must agree to lay the Financial Resolution - this motion authorises any subsequent expenditure as a consequence of the Bill.

On the 03 June 2015, the general principles of the bill were unanimously agreed by all Assembly Members - representing the four political parties of Wales - and without any objections, allowed to proceed to Stage Two. Although we celebrated this news, if this Bill doesn't progress quickly then it is in jeopardy of not being passed before next year's Assembly Elections, which means it'll be dropped completely - this is something we must stop from happening!

We urge you to send your local Assembly Member a Facebook or Twitter message in support of the Bill proceeding. Public pressure is essential if we are to see this Bill's progression prioritised in the Assembly. Take a look at our dedicated Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Bill webpage for further information and tips on how you can do this – remember to act now before this Bill disappears entirely.

50th Anniversary of Ty Maeth 1965 - 2015: Please Suggest a Room Name in Ty Maeth

2015 is the opportunity for nurses in Wales to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Ty Maeth, the RCN Welsh Board Headquarters in Cardiff. The RCN Welsh Board is asking members in Wales to suggest names for rooms in Ty Maeth following the refurbishment of the ground floor of the building. If you have ideas for a room name, please email Jayne Taylor, Executive Assistant to the Director, on jayne.taylor@rcn.org.uk   

Gaynor Jones, Chair of the RCN Welsh Board and RCN Council Member for Wales, said:  “The 50th Anniversary of Ty Maeth provides a historic opportunity to build on our achievements. The RCN Welsh Board has become the voice of nursing in Wales.  Our 24,500 members today stand on the shoulders of the nurses who worked tirelessly in the 1960s to make the dream of a Welsh HQ for the RCN a reality.”   

Return to Practice  

If you are a nurse who has had a career break and would like to return to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register, you will need to complete a Return to Practice (RTP) programme. Successful completion of the RTP programme will provide you with the necessary clinical skills and knowledge to allow you to apply for nursing posts.

The NMC requirements to retain registration are to demonstrate that you complete 450 hours of practice within each three year re-registration period. Registered practice, as well as direct patient care, can also involve supervisory, teaching, research and managerial work. You also need to complete 35 hours of learning activity. The NMC revalidation project is currently reviewing the above, with a view to implementing changes on 31st December, 2015. Details are available at: http://www.nmc-uk.org/Nurses-and-midwives/Revalidation/

Finding a RTP course:

The NMC has a database of approved courses at: http://www.nmc-uk.org/Approved-Programmes/. We advise that you also contact local universities and NHS trusts to see if RTP courses are being run in your area:

Swansea University

University of South Wales

Bangor University

Cardiff University

Glyndŵr University