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Interpersonal relations in nursing

Hildegard E. Peplau

Interpersonal relations in nursing

Stephen Tee, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

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As a mental health nurse, this was one book that fired me up as it provided clarity about the potential for mental health nursing. The fact that Peplau used psychodynamic ideas to underpin her theoretical work opened up all sorts of exciting therapeutic possibilities. As the first nurse scholar since Nightingale she was an inspiration.


This is an essential text helping readers navigate the complex dynamics occurring between humans as they interact. It is fundamentally about the potential for growth and self-determination through therapeutic nursing of people at their most vulnerable. It is a book about recovery, hope and potential addressing important issues of ethics and power. It promotes independence, enlightenment and empowerment enabling people to take control. Written sixty years ago, it still has relevance today and should be read by all who venture into the helping professions as it speaks of the abiding relevance of basic human values in a fragmented world.

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