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Nightingales: The story of Florence Nightingale and her remarkable family

Gillian Gill

Nightingales the story of Florence Nightingale and her remarkable family

Mary Hutchinson, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Senior Lecturer 

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As an advanced nurse practitioner in the UK today delivering clinical services in unscheduled care, and education services on an advanced practice programme, I am painfully aware of the need for professional registration beyond initial qualification, and regulation for this work. This book inspires me to continue the campaign.


Publicly known and revered as "The Lady with the Lamp", this book about Florence Nightingale sheds much light on the wider economic, political, social and cultural environment to which she was born, and in which she ultimately yielded much influence. Her diligence as a student of many disciplines, and keen observations and recordings of what she witnessed and experienced, provided the strong foundation on which she was able to ultimately persuade political decision-makers to invest in clean hospitals and well-trained nurses. This telling of the life of Florence Nightingale demonstrates the resilience, political awareness and negotiating skills required of the good nurse.

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