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Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind

Nancy Kline

Time to think: listening to ignite the human mind

Val Bailey, Professional Practice Coordinator

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Following a seminar given by Nancy, this book helped to clarify my thinking about giving people time to think. It was really useful both in work and home as I had slipped into bad habits of not listening effectively to others and interrupting them when I thought I knew best.


This book gives clear examples and case studies on how to communicate and ensure that you get the best from people. The style is easy to read and can be read in `bite size` chunks. Her writing style is fluent. It is an excellent read as a narrative but also a good book to `dip` into when you need some inspiration. For the past five years, it has remained in my bedside drawer as a reference book to remind me to keep to good habits of listening effectively.

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