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Still Small Voice

Michael Jacobs

Cecilia Anim, Clinical Nurse Specialist and RCN President

Reason you chose this book

I read this book whilst undertaking an RCN ‘introduction to Counselling’ course in 1985. As good communication is an integral part of the nursing tool kit, this book offered an attitude of tolerance and understanding to those in our care by providing an environment of calmness through listening and dynamics of helping relationships.


As a community nurse seeing both men and woman with varying needs, conversations are sometimes not confined to health issues but also other issues affecting their lives e.g. life crisis, problems with children, relationship etc. This book offers the broader view of many situations in which counselling skills and knowledge of human development can be applied in a clinical settings. One of the main focuses of this book is the power of listening and the support and comfort it can give to patients. It also teaches the value of naturally signposting relevant support for their issues within the conversation.

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