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The Philosophy of Nurse Education

John Drummond and ‎Paul Standish

The Philosophy of Nurse Education

Anne Corrin, Professional lead education policy and practice

Reason you chose this book

As soon as I started to read this book, I realised that it resonated with me, both as a nurse and as an educator. It raised many of the issues that I had been vaguely thinking about, and so helped me to clarify my own personal nursing and teaching philosophy, in a very practical way and, as such, has directly informed all my subsequent teaching and research.


Nursing and nurse education both tend to be politically and ideologically driven with, as Steven Edwards points out in his foreword to this book, very little discussion about fundamental questions such as, what is the best way to educate nurses, what should the role of a nurse be, what do we mean by a good nurse and what is the role of a nurse educator in this process? In order to develop and sustain high quality nurse education, I believe that it is essential to critique such taken for granted values and concepts, as this will ensure the future development of high quality nurse education, good nurses and, therefore, high quality patient care. This book can definitely help with this endeavour.

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