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Ayliffe's control of healthcare-associated infection: A practical handbook

Adam Fraise and Christina Bradley

Rose Gallagher, Head of Standards, Knowledge and Information Team

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This was the first textbook off my first University reading list, when I began training as an infection control nurse. Over the years I have constantly referred to the common sense approach used in this well written guide, and recommended it to many of nursing colleagues.


Ayliffe takes the reader back to the principles of infection prevention and control. Infection control is a complex and challenging specialism but Ayliffe made the subject simple and accessible. I used this book extensively when completing a group project based on operating theatre design across the ages. The module involved looking at the combination of issues affecting operating theatres, including ventilation, design, asepsis, environmental cleanliness and this textbook was crucial to maintaining a common sense and thorough approach to factors affecting the development of surgical site infection.

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