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Polar Stroke

David Aston

Jacki Aston, Staff Nurse

Reason you chose this book

My husband walked to the North Pole and then tragically, recently suffered a stroke. Despite his illness he had written a highly-motivating book which helped me immensely in my nursing career, particularly when dealing with stroke victims and the practicalities of a stroke. I am so proud of him.


The book is so helpful for nurses because most nurses have no experience themselves of a stroke. This book aims to tell those who nurse stroke victims that the medical side is superb, but the practical side is not being treated at all. Eg. The stroke has affected his body temperature and this has been resolved by thermal wear. His taste buds have been affected and he eats much more sugar so this is an area of diet requiring nursing input. It is also so interesting to see that specialists have said he has recovered walking because of his determination when walking to the North Pole.

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