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A handbook for the nursing of sick children, with a few hints on their management

Catherine Jane Wood

Jacqueline Ann Hobson, Children and Young People's Nursing Student

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Catherine Jane Wood worked with Dr Charles West, who in his book How to Nurse Sick Children emphasised the importance of having a dedicated Children's Hospital and Children's Nurses. Catherine Wood was one of his nurses carrying on his vision.


A very interesting book showing a lot of social history and importantly history within Nursing. Some things have obviously evolved and moved on with the times and technology but some fundamentals are still true today. In her first chapter Catherine Wood states that 'childhood is most sensitive to all external influences'  and touches on their lack of voice and inability to protest over some situations. For me most significantly at the start of chapter II she makes it clear that children should have specialist nursing, and therefore specialist nurses with dare I say specialist training, in order to have the responsibility of caring for sick children.

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