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Three and a half heartbeats

Amanda Prowse

Three and a half heartbeats

Evelyn Prodger, Matron

Reason you chose this book

I saw tweets from the Sepsis Trust about this book and having investigated it felt it would be worth a read as a work of fiction with a health message.


This story is an emotional tale of the impact of a death from sepsis. Each chapter begins with a statistic regarding sepsis, some of which I didn't know e.g. someone dies from it every 3 1/2 seconds, hence the title. The story is beautifully told and while emotional, highlights the impact on the wider family. It made me conscious of the way we can view death and errors as statistics and reports to be learned from without always appreciating the human devastation that follows for families. Beautifully written, this should be a must read for all students.

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