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Do you sleep with that leg on? The story of Erskine Hospital

Harry Diamond

Rod Thomson, RCN Deputy President and Director of Public Health for Shropshire

Reason you chose this book

Erskine Hospital was responsible for me choosing nursing as a career. Whilst I was an undergraduate science student I had a summer job as a ward orderly caring for disabled ex-servicemen. My time there convinced me to change careers, a choice that I've never regretted.


In recent years British servicemen and women have been in war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. All too many of them have been killed and seriously injured. Erskine Hospital has cared for disabled ex-servicemen since 1916 and this book is the story of its care for almost a century. It is a tale of the characters who have made Erskine a special place, rather than just a bland history of a hospital. Enjoy this tale of the patients and staff, for whilst the reason for the hospital’s existence is sad, this is a story of hope and humour.

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