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Nursing as therapy

Richard Mcmahon and Alan Pearson

Nursing as Therapy

Dr Helen McGarvey, Lecturer in nursing

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The first edition of this book (1991) inspired my degree. For 3 years it sat on my desk as a constant reminder that nursing was indeed a therapy. It wasn't just a job but it was a tangible activity that in the right hands, could make a huge difference to people’s lives.


This was a ground breaking book when it was first published and in many respects, I believe, was the forerunner of the person centred work now being published in nursing. Each of the 14 authors offers a different perspective on therapeutic nursing in their respective chapters, be it reflection, presence, touch, research, patient education or politics. The view in this book is that nursing has the ability to touch and make a significant difference people’s lives, if it is carried out with the right attributes and within a suitable developmental framework. It puts a value on caring and that can only be a good thing.

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