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The primacy of caring: Stress and coping in health and illness

Patricia Benner

Kay Caldwell, Professor of nurse education

Reason you chose this book

This book was probably the first academic text that resonated with my personal philosophy of nursing and reflected my practice experiences. It made me think about how caring is at the centre of my practice, and how we should recognise the impact of caring on recovery.


This book is very powerful, and likely to have an impact on anyone who reads it. It examines the interrelationships between caring, stress and coping and makes a robust argument for the primacy of caring. Taking a philosophical perspective it transcends a purely scientific approach. Whilst the theoretical component may sometimes be tricky to negotiate, it comes to life through the case study exemplars which are likely to cause you to reflect on your own experiences in a way that promotes deep learning. Not only does this book have an impact – it stays with you long after it is read.

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