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Bury me in my boots

Sally Trench

Irene Mabbott, Practice Development Co-ordinator

Reason you chose this book

I read this book as a Mancunian teenager and although the setting seemed a million miles away from me then, the selflessness of helping people, specifically those society has forgotten, had an overpowering influence on me. My original battered copy has long been replaced but I reread this book regularly


This true story follows the 16 year old Sally as she leaves a comfortable family home and dedicates her time to helping the homeless of London. This includes night visits, providing companionship, hot soup, and clothes and reaching out to these hard to reach people. The book shines with her compassion and love for these people and the dedication of the valuable time to sit, watch and listen to them. Some may argue that it was feckless to do what she did but she saw a need and went to help, despite being young.

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