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Devices and Desires: Gender, Technology, and American Nursing

Margarete Sandelowski

Siobhan O'Connor, Lecturer in Nursing

Reason you chose this book

I teach and conduct research on information technology in nursing. This book, published in 2000 was ground breaking at the time, as it took an in-depth look at how nursing and technology has been linked since the late 19th century. The insights of the author inspire me every day!


Sandelowski's exploration of how nurses have utilised technology to assess, treat and care for patients for over a century and the effect of this interaction on nursing is fascinating. She traces the relationship between the use of simple devices, such as thermometers, to more sophisticated machinery, like cardiac monitors, and how technology has hindered and helped the development of nursing as a profession. Sandelowski argues that nurses have both embraced and demonised technology, in an attempt to assert their professional autonomy, culture of caring and address gender disparities in healthcare. Her insights are still highly relevant to contemporary nursing.

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