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Primary Nursing: Nursing in the Burford and Oxford Nursing Development Units

Alan Pearson

Jan Dewing, Sue Pembrey Chair in Nursing and Director Centre for Person-centred Practice Research

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Published in 1988, this book, along with several other related texts, was really the first text I found that offered me an exciting alternative for how nursing practice could be led and carried out.  It led me to work at Burford several years later.


This slim edited book with just seven chapters became a source of inspiration for me over several years and was so influential in my early thinking and activity in what would later evolve into practice development.  The chapters introduced a range of nurse theorists who ideas I then followed up and also models and frameworks about practice and patient care. The core message that nursing is about healing and nurturing and that we need to ensure society values both technical and caring aspects still sound very real today. 

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