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Call the Midwife Trilogy

Jennifer Worth

Call the Midwife

Emma Hankin, Staff Nurse

Reason you chose this book

I chose this book because before the tv series had released I had already read the full trilogy of these books, before I was a nurse this inspired me more than ever to be a professional. The hard work determination care and sacrifice these women had because of nursing.


These books are the life and breath of nursing, these books will make you feel proud to be a nurse and give you insight into how nursing was and how it has changed dramatically. You will see and feel the highs and lows of how the profession was then. You will experience and learn new things in medical terms, that is of the norm of today for example: antibiotics was starting to become more widely used, thalidomide case from the anti-sickness drug that was trialled then and why we thoroughly test our medications now, also the start of contraceptive pills due to the ever growing population and multiple pregnancies. I can't give a thorough review as you have to read this for yourself, all I can say is these books inspired me to work hard and carry on, these books made me proud of the history of our profession and what it stands for and these books are the reason I uphold high standards in my practice today. Overall a good read.

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