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Previous events

The history of sexual violence and nursing

Annual History of Nursing Society lecture    March 2018

For this annual lecture, Professor Joanna Bourke spoke about her research into the history of sexual violence. 

In this short interview clip, she gives us an introduction to this research and talks about the history of the nursing role in caring for victims of rape.

Animals in health (2)

From detection dogs to therapy pets                     June 2017

Our second speaker in our event exploring the role of animals in healthcare, was Lyndsey Uglow. Lyndsey is a passionate advocate for Animal Assisted Interventions in healthcare and has been volunteering at Southampton Children’s Hospital for five years with her Golden Retrievers. 

Animals in health (1)

From detection dogs to therapy pets                     June 2017

Animals have long held a role in health settings, from the ancient use of medicinal leeches to the introduction of rescue dogs in the Alps in the early eighteenth century. Today, this role encompasses an ever broader range of interventions. 

Claire Pesterfield was our first speaker at this event. She talks about how her dog, Magic, keeps her well through type 1 diabetes.

Penny Pepper: On language and life

Disability History Month December 2016

A unique and versatile writer of fiction, journalism, memoir and spoken word poetry, Penny Pepper’s work examines difference, diversity and identity. For this lecture, introduced by RCN Foundation Trustee David Jones, Penny shared her poetry and personal journey of barriers and success.

Please note, Penny's readings contain some explicit language and references of a sexual nature.

Dangerous liaisons? The myth of mental illness and risk

The Winifred Raphael Lecture with the RCN Research Society  October 2016

In this lecture for World Mental Health Day, Professor Patrick Callaghan (Professor of Mental Health Nursing) explores the myth that the mentally ill are dangerous and menacing. He argues that whilst risk assessment is pervasive in mental health practice, it can have a stigmatising effect on people using mental health services. Introduction by Karen Medd (Middle Street Resource Centre).

[3:50] Julie McGarry, RCN Research Society Rep.  [5:45] Sheila Marriott, RCN East Midlands Regional Director. [10:52] Nikki Heazel, RCN Foundation. [19:10] Karen Medd. [29:30] Professor Patrick Callaghan.

Vaccination past and present: Exhibition launch

Vaccination past and present: Exhibition launch October 2016

To launch the exhibition A healthful form of work: The history of public health nursing, a panel of speakers looked at vaccination’s controversial history.

Speakers [with timings] include RCN Professional Lead for Public Health Helen Donovan [start], Consultant community paediatrician Dr David Elliman [3:20], historian Professor Sally Shuttleworth (University of Oxford) [21;17], Dr Helen Bedford, registered nurse (UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health) [40;45] and paediatric infectious disease consultant Professor Paul Heath (St George's Hospital) [59;48].

The ageing population challenge: RCN Fellows

RCN Fellows 40th Anniversary   July 2016

How can we change to meet the growing need for high quality care? A panel of speakers explore how nursing responds to the challenges we face as our population gets older. 

Speakers include Baroness Joan Bakewell, Professor June Andrews FRCN, Professor Wilf McSherry FRCN, Chair of the RCN Older People’s Forum Vicki Leah and Consultant Deborah Sturdy.

Professor Alison Leary, RCN Trustee [start], Jane Denton, Fellows Convenor [3:45], June Andrews [12:28], Joan Bakewell [35:30], Panel discussion [51:53].

The art of nursing: Nurses' Day 2016

International Nurses' Day lecture   May 2016 Part 1

For this lecture we celebrated the relationship between creativity and nursing. Our speakers included Charley Baker, on her research into the value of fiction and autobiography in humane and ethical care, to poets and performers Molly Case and Audrey-Ardern Jones.

For part 1, Charley Baker, Lecturer in Mental Health at the University of Nottingham School of health Sciences, Division of Nursing, and co-founder of the Madness and Literature Network.

The art of nursing: Nurses' Day 2016 (2)

International Nurses' Day lecture   May 2016 Part 2

In part 2 Audrey Ardern-Jones, published poet, performer and nurse and Chair of the Arts Forum at the Royal Marsden Hospital, reads poetry written by patients and staff on the cancer experience.


The art of nursing: Nurses' Day 2016 (3)

International Nurses' Day lecture   May 2016 Part 3

For part 3, spoken word artist and nurse Molly Case, recites from her body of work, including from her debut collection of poetry Underneath the roses where I remembered everything.

Nursing loud and proud: Peter Tatchell

LGBT History Month lecture February 2016

For LGBT History Month 2016, we celebrated the role of the RCN and our members in championing diversity, and raised awareness of LGBT issues past and present.

In this lecture, human rights activist Peter Tatchell tells the little known story of his hunt for the doctor who experimented on gay concentration camp prisoners and escaped justice.

Curing Queers: Interview with Tommy Dickinson

History of mental health nursing series         Feb 2016

For LGBT History Month and as part of our mental health nursing seminar series, Tommy Dickinson spoke about the men who were institutionalised in British mental hospitals to receive 'treatment' for homosexuality and transvestism. In this interview he talks about his research and the experiences of the nurses who supported this practice.