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District and Community Nursing

Use this guide to find information resources about district and community nursing including books, reports and journal articles.

Last updated: 08/02/2024

Key Resources

RCN District and Community Nursing Forum: Community nursing interview suggestions
Publication cover Royal College of Nursing (2019) Iron deficiency and anaemia in adults. London: RCN.
The Queen's Nursing Institute: Homeless and inclusion health programme.
The Queen's Nursing Institute and The Queen's Nursing Institute Scotland (2015) The QNI/QNIS voluntary standards for district nurse education and practice. London: QNI.
The Queen's Nursing Institute (2020) The QNI standards of education and practice for nurses new to general practice nursing. London: QNI.
The Queen's Nursing Institute and The Queen's Nursing Institute Scotland (2018) The QNI/QNIS voluntary standards for community children’s nurse education and practice. London: QNI/QNIS.
The Queen's Nursing Institute (2021) Standards of education and practice for nurses new to care home nursing. London: QNI.
The Queen's Nursing Institute (2023) Nursing in the digital age: using technology to support patients in the home. London: QNI.
NHS Scotland (2017) Paper 3 – the district nursing role in integrated community nursing teams. Scotland: NHS Scotland.
NHS England (2019) The NHS long term plan. (no place): NHS England.
Department of Health Northern Ireland (2018) A district nursing framework 2018-2026. (no place): DH.


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Book cover Blaber A, Morris H and Gorman J (2020) Independent prescribing for district nurses. Bridgwater: Class Publishing.

Myers T and Kifer Z A (2022) Fast facts for wound care nursing: practical wound management. 2nd edn. New York: Springer Publishing.

Book cover Bradby M (ed.) (2022) District nursing at a glance. Chicester: Wiley-Blackwell.
Book cover Brook J, McGraw C and Thurtle V (eds.) (2021) Oxford handbook of primary care and community nursing. 3rd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Book cover Burrows P, Cowie J, Robotham A and Frost M (2023) Health visiting: specialist community public health nursing. 3rd edn. Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Book Cover Chilton S and Bain H (2017) A textbook of community nursing. 2nd edn. Boca Raton: CRC Press.
Book Cover Daaleman T P and Helton M R (2023) Chronic illness care: principles and practice. 2nd edn. Cham: Springer.
Book Cover DeMarco and Healey-Walsh (2020) Community and public health nursing: evidence for practice. International 3rd edn. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.
Book cover Nicol J and Hollowood L (2023) Nursing adults with long term conditions. 4th edn. London: Learning Matters. 
Book Cover Peate I and Stephens M (2020) Wound care at a glance. 2nd edn. Hoboken: Wiley Blackwell.
Book cover Probst S (2021) Wound care nursing: a person-centred approach. 3rd edn. Edinburgh:  Elsevier. 
Book Cover Sinclair A, Dunning T, Manas L R and Munshi M N (2017) Diabetes in old age. 4th edn. Chichester:  Wiley Blackwell. 
Book cover Srikanth V and Arvanitakis Z (2018) Type 2 diabetes and dementia. Amsterdam: Academic Press. 
Book cover Wasserman M and Riopelle J (2017) Primary care for older adults: models and challenges. Cham: Springer. 

Book subject searches

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Journal articles

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Journal of Community Health Nursing Journals of interest for district and community nursing. Use these links to see details of availability.


RCN District and Community Nursing Forum - Driving quality care at home.
  • This sketch animation was created by the RCN District Nursing Steering Group to highlight the work that District Nurses do.
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Nursing History Collection

The Nursing history collection generally consists of modern books about the history of nursing which can be borrowed by RCN members.
Baly M (1987) A history of the Queen’s Nursing Institute, London: Croom Helm.
Book Cover Cohen S (2018) The district nurse: a pictorial history. Barnsley: Pen and Sword History. 
Book cover Jordan P (2012) District nurse: my life as a nurse in the 1950s, London: Orion.
Morrison C (2017) Hebridean heroines: twentieth century Queen's Nurses (1940s-1970s), Laxay, Isle of Lewis: Islands Book Trust.

Special collections

Our Permanent Collection consists of nursing specific core items and rare items. Items are viewable by appointment at the RCN Library and Heritage Centre.
Baly M, Robottom B and Clark J (1987) District nursing (2nd edition), London: Heinemann.
Handbook for Queen's Nurses (1924), London: The Scientific Press.
Loane M (1905) Outlines of routine in district nursing, London: The Scientific Press.
Stocks M (1960) A hundred years of district nursing, London: Allen and Unwin.


The RCN Archive contains some of the most important collections dedicated to the history of the nursing profession in the UK, including the organisational records of the Queen Victoria's Institute of District Nursing Scottish branch which subsequently became the Queens Nursing Institute, Scotland (QNIS). Viewable in Edinburgh by appointment.
The RCN Archive contains over 600 recordings of individuals from across the nursing profession. Search "T/*" in the RefNo search field of the archive catalogue to browse the collection.


The Queen's Nursing Institute Heritage website explores the 150 year history of district nursing in the UK.

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