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  • Survey Anna Semmens Anna Semmens 19 Nov 2019

    Library and Archive Service annual survey 2019

    We have just finished reviewing this year’s annual survey on RCN Library and Archive services. Anna Semmens tells us more…

  • Stained glass window designs depicting emotions in nursing Frances Reed Frances Reed 18 Nov 2019

    The stained glass window project

    This summer we held workshops that invited RCN members to get in touch with their creative side. Frances Reed tells us more... 

  • Customer Service Excellence Sarah Cull Sarah Cull 15 Nov 2019

    The Library and Archive Service is 'excellent' - it's official

    For the third year in a row we have passed our annual Customer Service Excellence accreditation with flying colours. Sarah Cull tells us more...

  • Sarah Woodbine Neasa Roughan Neasa Roughan 31 Oct 2019

    Sarah Woodbine’s story: Racism and Victorian nurses

    While we enjoy sharing our photographs of nurses having fun, it’s also important to illustrate the struggle that BAME nurses have faced in being accepted for training and in the workplace. Neasa Roughan tells us more...

  • Nightingale 2020 Dr Alison O'Donnell Dr Alison O'Donnell 25 Oct 2019

    Nightingale Museum Exhibition 2020

    Florence Nightingale

  • Kofoworola Kaitlene Koranteng Kaitlene Koranteng 14 Oct 2019

    Kofoworola Abeni Pratt: A nurse, a teacher, a pioneer

    Some call her the African Florence Nightingale. Discover the journey Kofoworola Abeni Pratt took to change the face of nursing in Nigeria.

  • Call an Ambulance! book Diane McCourt Diane McCourt 12 Aug 2019

    Call an Ambulance!

    Discover the 1960’s gem “Call an Ambulance!” capturing everything from ‘Why be an ambulance man?’ to ‘Murderers are only human’ 

  • Kate Marsden Library and archive services Library and archive services 22 Jul 2019

    On sledge and horseback to the outcast Siberian Lepers

    Discover the story of nurse Kate Marsden’s incredible journey through pre-revolutionary Russia to help the leprosy community, and how her reputation was tarnished by her sexuality.

  • We are collecting greeting cards Frances Reed Frances Reed 3 Jul 2019

    We are collecting greeting cards!

    We need your help gathering greetings cards to feature in our new exhibition at the RCN Library and Heritage Centre.

  • Researching the history of emotions in nursing Frances Reed Frances Reed 21 Jun 2019

    Researching the history of emotions in nursing

    Mike Holden is a PhD candidate at the University of York. As part of a placement programme with White Rose College of Arts and Humanities, Mike has joined the RCN Events and Exhibitions team to support the research and planning of a new exhibition. In this interview, he talks about his research into anger and protest within nursing and its history.