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Use this guide to find information resources about diabetes including books, reports and journal articles

Last updated: 08/02/2024

Key Resources

Publication cover Royal College of Nursing (2021) Advanced preparation of insulin syringes for adult patients to administer at home. London: RCN.
Publication cover Royal College of Nursing (2022) Starting injectable treatments in adults with type 2 diabetes. 4th edn. London: RCN.
Diabetes essentials learning resource RCN and RCNi Diabetes essentials
  • This resource is designed to provide an overview of the core concepts of diabetes, diagnosis and current treatments, your role and responsibilities in regard to treating people living with diabetes.
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Diabetes UK: resources to improve care
  • Resources and tools to help healthcare professionals and commissioners improve diabetes care.
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Hawkes R E, Cameron E, Cotterill S, Bower P and French D P (2020) The NHS diabetes prevention programme: an observational study of service delivery and patient experience, BMC health services research, 20(1), pp. 1098-1098.
International Diabetes Foundation: IDF Diabetes Atlas
  • Detailed information on the estimated and projected prevalence of diabetes, globally, by region, country and territory.
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Scottish Government (2021) Diabetes care: diabetes improvement plan. Edinburgh: Scottish Government.
Scottish Government (2018) A healthier future; framework for the prevention, early detection and early Intervention of type 2 diabetes. Edinburgh: Scottish Government
Valabhji J, Barron E, Bradley D and others (2020) Early outcomes from the English National Health Service diabetes prevention programme, Diabetes Care, 43(1), pp. 152-160.
World Health Organization: Diabetes
We would like to thank the RCN Diabetes member community for their input into the development of this subject guide.


Book cover Childs B (2017) Complete nurse's guide to diabetes care. 3rd edn. Arlington: American Diabetes Association.
Book cover Davidson T (2020) What you need to know about diabetes. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO LLC.
Book cover Dunning T and Sinclair A J (2020) Care of people with diabetes: a manual for healthcare practice. Newark: John Wiley and Sons.
Book cover Hilson R (2015) Diabetes care: a practical manual. 2nd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Book cover Klonoff D C, Kerr D and Mulvaney S A (2020) Diabetes Digital Health. San Diego: Elsevier.
Book cover Levy D (2016) Type 1 diabetes. 2nd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Book cover Rees, A (2017) Clinical endocrinology and diabetes at a glance. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell.
Book cover Sinclair A and others (eds.) (2017) Diabetes in old age. 4th edn. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell.
Book cover Veves A, Giurini J M and Guzman R J (2019) The diabetic foot: medical and surgical management. 4th edn. Cham: Humana Press.
Book cover Wadden T A and Bray G A (2018) Handbook of obesity treatment. New York: Guilford Press.

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