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“Genomics is the study of the body’s genes, their functions and their influence on the growth, development and working of the body – using a variety of techniques to look at the body’s DNA and associated compounds.” (NHS England, 2019, Genomics). Genomics is a central element towards greater personalisation of care. Use this guide to find information resources about genomics and genetic nursing including books, reports and journal articles.

Last updated: 24/06/2020

Key Resources

Genome image
Bailey L (2018 ) How genomics is changing nursing.Royal College of Nursing, 7 March.
NHS England: Genomics
NHS Choices: Genetics.
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Department of Health and Social Care (2019) UK strategy for rare diseases: 2019 update to the implementation plan for England.
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Welsh Rare Disease Implementation Group (2017) Welsh rare diseases implementation plan.
Welsh Government (2017) Genomics for precision medicine strategy.
Scottish Government (2014) It's not rare to have a rare disease: the implementation plan for rare diseases in Scotland. Edinburgh: Scottish Government.
Scottish Government (2018) Rare disease Scotland: progress report, Edinburgh: Scottish Government.
Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety (2015) The Northern Ireland implementation plan for rare diseases.


Beery and Workman book cover Beery T and Workman M L (2018) Genetics and genomics in nursing and health care. 2nd edn. Philadelphia, F. A. Davis Company.
Clarke A (2019) Harper’s practical genetic counselling. 8th edn. Milton Keynes: Taylor & Francis Group.
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Genomics Education Programme and Health Education England (2017) The genomics game. London: Focus Games.

Gunder and McClary book cover Gunder McClary L M (2018) Essentials of medical genetics for nursing and health professionals: an interprofessional approach. Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.
Lashley book cover Lashley F R and Kasper C E (2015) Lashley’s essentials of clinical genetics in nursing practice. 2 edn. New York: Springer Publishing Company.
Lee, Cheek and Brazeau book cover

Halsey Lea D, Cheek D J, Brazeau D and Brazeau G (2015) Mastering pharmacogenomics: a nurse’s handbook for success. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International.

Seibert book cover Seibert D (2016) Genomic essentials for graduate level nurses. Lancaster, PA: DEStech.
Snyder M (2016) Genomics and personalized medicine: what everyone needs to know, New York: Oxford University Press. Snyder M (2016) Genomics and personalized medicine: what everyone needs to know. New York: Oxford University Press

Book Subject Searches

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Genomics England (2015) The 100,000 Genomes project – Jessica’s story (video).
NHS Health Education England (2018) Genomics education programme: nursing in the genomic era (video).


NHS Health Education England Genomics Education Programme (2018) Genomics in healthcare (e-learning module).
  • This course introduces genomics and how it is and will be applied in healthcare. If you work for the NHS, a partner or a UK university, access is free.
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