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“Genomics is the study of the body’s genes, their functions and their influence on the growth, development and working of the body – using a variety of techniques to look at the body’s DNA and associated compounds.” (NHS England, 2019, Genomics). Genomics is a central element towards greater personalisation of care with potential ethical, psychological and social implications. Use this guide to find information resources about genomics and genetic nursing including books, reports and journal articles.

Last updated: 25/03/2021

Key Resources

NHS England: Genomics
NHS Choices: Genetics.
Davies S C (2017) Chief Medical Officer annual report 2016: generation genome. London: Department of Health.
Department of Health and Social Care (2019) UK strategy for rare diseases: 2019 update to the implementation plan for England.
Topol E (2019) The Topol review: preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future. An independent report on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. (no place): Health Education England.
Welsh Rare Disease Implementation Group (2017) Welsh rare diseases implementation plan.
Welsh Government (2017) Genomics for precision medicine strategy.
Scottish Government (2014) It's not rare to have a rare disease: the implementation plan for rare diseases in Scotland. Edinburgh: Scottish Government.
Scottish Government (2018) Rare disease Scotland: progress report, Edinburgh: Scottish Government.
Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety (2015) The Northern Ireland implementation plan for rare diseases.


Beery and Workman book cover Beery T and Workman M L (2018) Genetics and genomics in nursing and health care. 2nd edn. Philadelphia, F. A. Davis Company.
Clarke A (2019) Harper’s practical genetic counselling. 8th edn. Milton Keynes: Taylor & Francis Group.
Edwards and Maradiegue book cover Edwards Q T and Maradiegue A (2017) Genetics and genomics in nursing: guidelines for conducting a risk assessment. New York: Springer Publishing Company.

Genomics Education Programme and Health Education England (2017) The genomics game. London: Focus Games.

Gunder and McClary book cover Gunder McClary L M (2018) Essentials of medical genetics for nursing and health professionals: an interprofessional approach. Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC.
Lashley book cover Lashley F R and Kasper C E (2015) Lashley’s essentials of clinical genetics in nursing practice. 2 edn. New York: Springer Publishing Company.
Lee, Cheek and Brazeau book cover

Halsey Lea D, Cheek D J, Brazeau D and Brazeau G (2015) Mastering pharmacogenomics: a nurse’s handbook for success. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International.

Seibert book cover Seibert D (2016) Genomic essentials for graduate level nurses. Lancaster, PA: DEStech.
Snyder M (2016) Genomics and personalized medicine: what everyone needs to know, New York: Oxford University Press. Snyder M (2016) Genomics and personalized medicine: what everyone needs to know. New York: Oxford University Press

Book Subject Searches

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Genomics England (2015) The 100,000 Genomes project – Jessica’s story (video).
NHS Health Education England (2018) Genomics education programme: nursing in the genomic era (video).


NHS Health Education England Genomics Education Programme (2018) Genomics in healthcare (e-learning module).
  • This course introduces genomics and how it is and will be applied in healthcare. If you work for the NHS, a partner or a UK university, access is free.
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