Informing the nursing profession and sharing members’ stories

Life beyond sepsis

Quadruple amputee Tom Ray talks about the impact sepsis had on him and how he developed resilience to overcome its devastating effects

Preventing workplace bullying

Nursing staff call for legislation to stop the harmful effects of intimidation

'The goodwill of nurses is being abused'

New nursing leader issues stark warning to politicians as she vows to defend the profession

Decriminalising prostitution

Nursing staff vote to campaign for both the buyers and sellers of sex to be decriminalised during a lively debate at RCN Congress

Replica pub transforms dementia care 

Nursing staff have reduced falls, medication use and aggressive behaviour by converting an unused clinical area into a social hub for patients and their families

Nitrous oxide

Nursing staff warn its recreational use is no laughing matter

Blood, sweat and unicorns

Katt is helping to stop the stigma surrounding mental health one run at a time