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Our first day of strike action in England, Northern Ireland and Wales took place on 15 December. Here are some key moments from the day.

Pat Cullen outside St Thomas' Hospital being interviewed by news crew. Big Ben in background

RCN General Secretary & Chief Executive Pat Cullen outside St Thomas' Hospital in London as the sun is coming up on our first large-scale strike day.

Photo by Rob Anderman

RCN official picket line sign with member in the background on frosty surface in NI

Members setting up the official picket line early in the frost at Lagan Valley Hospital in Northern Ireland.

Photo by Aaron McCracken

RCN members on the picket line at St Thomas's Hospital with various RCN signs and placards

Members making sure it's clear that fair pay for nursing and safe staffing for patient care are one and the same.

Photo by Rob Anderman

Picket line at Newcastle with cars driving past and beeping their support

The level of support from the public was felt in many ways, from pizza deliveries to cars tooting their horns driving past picket lines.

Photo by Simon Veit-Wilson

Picket line supporters standing strong at John Radcliffe Hospital

RCN members standing strong in solidarity at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Photo by Vicki Couchman

Three female picket supervisors taking a break with some warm soup in Northern Ireland

Picket supervisors keeping their hands warm and smiles firm throughout the chilly day in Northern Ireland.

Photo by Aaron McCracken

Dog in a sweatshirt with an RCN fair pay placard on the picket line

Supporters of all sorts were out on the day, beating the cold by wrapping up and making sure to hold an RCN placard.

Photo by Duncan Soar

Strikers at picket line at University Hospital Wales, Cardiff on 15 December 2022. Banner shares message about patient safety

Patient safety is a top priority for striking nursing staff, as this banner at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales demonstrates.

Photo by Stuart Fisher

Pat Cullen talking to striking members and supporters in Oxford

RCN General Secretary & Chief Executive Pat Cullen talking to members gathered round at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, one of many picket lines she visited on the day.

Photo by Duncan Soar

Two members standing united on the picket line in Reading

Members stood in unity in the knowledge this strike day was for them, their patients and the future of the profession,

Photo by Duncan Soar

RCN members using a loudspeaker and holding placards at Birmingham picket line

Getting the message out loud and clear in Birmingham that safe staffing and fair pay for nursing are needed now.

Photo by Steve Baker

Members shouting and cheering on a busy picket line in Oxford

Energy levels were high as members in Oxford reacted to the outpouring of support from colleagues and members of the public.

Photo by Vicki Couchman

Large group of RCN members on strike outside Ulster Hospital in Northern Ireland with lots of blue RCN flags

Flying the RCN flags en masse outside Ulster Hospital in Northern Ireland

Photo by Aaron McCracken

RCN members going strong on the picket line as the sun starts to set

As the sun began to set, there were still several hours to go until the official end of the picket line but members remained in large numbers to speak out for their profession.

Photo by Duncan Soar

Top image by Duncan Soar

The action does not end here.

There were more strikes on 18 and 19 January and 6 and 7 February.

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