Do gender critical views amount to a belief?

A recent case addresses how protected beliefs interact with views on gender

Loneliness in later life

Paul wants to raise awareness of how loneliness can affect older people who identify as LGBT

'He locked the door, trapping me'

Community nursing staff face unique risks, but our new guidance can help

Domestic abuse: tackling difficult conversations

How to support people with patience and compassion

Risk assessment for invisible threats

Employers must carry out and act on risk assessments – even if the threat is invisible

How to spot a scam

With some scams targeting nursing staff, it’s important to know what to look out for

‘My workplace ruined my health’

A dangerous mould changed Heather's life. Here's how we helped her fight for justice

Managing concerns locally for better outcomes

New NMC resource can help reps ensure concerns about nursing practice are resolved fairly

‘Sleep in’ shifts and pay

Recent ruling on pay for care workers carrying out overnight shifts is disappointing for members

Helping hands

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, but it's also been tough on skin

“All reasonable steps” defence

A recent case demonstrates the importance of employers refreshing equality and diversity training

What will our new CMS mean for reps?

Jonathan from our case management team explains how our new system will support reps

Appy days

Get the lowdown on the best apps for your studies, wellbeing and career

‘It’s time to make a difference’

Why Jennifer became an RCN steward during the pandemic

Obstructing trade union activity

Employers need to tread carefully when taking action that could impact on union activities

Using social media to campaign

Read our advice to help you get started and stay safe online

Getting published

Eager to bring out your inner writer? Take a look at our three simple rules

Protection and gender identity

A recent case shows a widening of protection for people who identify as non-binary or gender fluid

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