From shop floor to ward

Working as a bra fitter prepared Grace for a career in health care

Empowering refugee nurses

A pioneering scheme is supporting refugees into NHS employment

Meet your new RCN President

New RCN President Dr Denise Chaffer explains what she hopes to achieve in the role

Celebrating BAME nursing history

Online exhibition recognises the incredible diversity of our nursing workforce

Prisoner of war to psychiatric nurse

Professor Peter Nolan, nursing history expert, recalls the story of mental health nurse Jack

In good hands

Antonia explains what drove her to create a cream for hard-working hands

Community nursing perspectives

District nurses share how COVID-19 has impacted community care

From 15-hour shifts to £41k

How one student’s viral video helped fund her nursing degree

Not chips again!

Lynsey campaigned to get nursing students space to prepare meals at her university

'The pandemic has united us'

Bev and Olga are making sure conversations about racism lead to positive change

Talking about trauma

Fraser’s helping members manage experiences of trauma during the pandemic

On the road in Orkney

Calum reflects on the benefits his role brings to the community team in a rural area

‘Be unignorable’

Alison, Sunday and Maive share how they’re supporting members and challenging perceptions

Infection control in 1887

This nursing student’s notes reveal parallels with the COVID-19 pandemic

Forever changed

Dawn’s plea to greedy stockpilers went viral. One year on, she reflects on the pandemic

Mass vaccination in action

Louise takes us inside the COVID-19 vaccine centre she coordinates

No-one should die alone

HCA Lisa reflects on her role in end of life care set up in response to the pandemic

Meet our new RCN Deputy President

Tracey Budding on her nursing career, aspirations and hopes for the future

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