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'We're all part of the solution in social care'

Five minutes with...Professor Deborah Sturdy, England’s first chief nurse for adult social care

Meet Denise Kelly

Your new chair of the RCN Trade Union Committee

‘I like to see the potential in people’

Ashton says watching people’s confidence grow is one of the best things about her role

'Nurses' skills are transferable and precious'

The charity that nurse João founded helps bring hope to people in South Asia

Care or control?

The complex history of learning disability nursing

'Your profession saved my life'

Poet Michael Rosen talks about the care nursing staff showed him during his COVID-19 recovery

Top five points from Pat’s speech

Pat Cullen delivered her first major speech at RCN Congress in Glasgow. Find out what she said

Nurses' Day 2022: The best of nursing

Meet eight inspiring people who’ve gone the extra mile to deliver the best nursing care

'I wanted to be an agent for change'

Five minutes with Baroness Mary Watkins, who joined the House of Lords in 2015 as a crossbench peer

Reading the room: Mel's council ambitions

Social media, open days and lots of listening

Crushed eggshells, banana skins and fish bones

How did interned nurses provide nutrition for POWs in WWII?

'I want members to know that we're listening'

Meet your Chair of RCN Council

Ukraine crisis: 'I can help so I will'

Liberty travelled to Poland to help deliver essential medical supplies to Ukrainian refugees

Innovating to improve learning disability care

Jess introduced new resources on placement to help improve personalised treatment

Supporting people living with cancer

Jenny provides reassurance to people who may otherwise feel forgotten

'Fearless about being first'

How a Nigerian nurse became one of the profession's most influential leaders

‘Mental health care must be culturally sensitive’

Dr Ann is Chair of a new subgroup that aims to address the impact of racial inequalities

Molly Murphy: the life of an activist nurse

Suffragette, revolutionary and wartime nurse – discover the extraordinary history of nurse Molly

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