Informing the nursing profession and sharing members' stories

Nursing in a pandemic

Elaine shares her experiences so far as a senior nurse working in one of London's busiest critical care units

Nursing in a pandemic

Mental health nurse Kathy warns of the long-term psychological impact the COVID-19 pandemic could have on nursing staff

Making safe PPE use a priority

To help support staff to use PPE correctly and with confidence, one trust has developed a new PPE safety officer role

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RCN Bulletin 388: June 2020

Fighting for you

RCN steward Rob explains how his role has changed since the outbreak of COVID-19, and what he’s been doing to make members feel safe

Fit test versus fit check

Do you know the difference? This guide explains what you need to do to stay safe when wearing an FFP3 or FFP2 face mask

Save your skin

Our new resources help you look after your skin and seek support to prevent long-term damage to your hands

'It’s an opportunity to improve homeless people’s health'

With many homeless people housed in hotels for the pandemic, homeless health nurses like Rosa Ungpakorn are tackling health inequalities while advocating for those left outside

‘We must pay attention to this now’

RCN Deputy President Yvonne Coghill says we need decisive action to address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME nursing staff

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Nursing history: the first male nurses

Who were the first men on the general nursing register? Dr Stuart Wildman, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, finds out

Nursing history: a quest to cure leprosy

Retired nursing lecturer Gosia Brykczynska explores the lasting legacy of nurse Kate Marsden’s leprosy quest to Yakutia

‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’

As the devastation caused by COVID-19 challenges our physical, emotional and psychological health, this phrase takes on a whole new meaning for nursing staff

 Nightingale's legacy

With Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday falling during the COVID-19 pandemic, the reforms she fought for feel more relevant than ever

'It was a difficult decision'

A student perspective on COVID-19 and working on the frontline