Informing the nursing profession and sharing members' stories

Coronavirus: what you need to know

Find out how to protect yourself, what to do if you think you've been exposed and what you should expect from your employer

'Unsafe, undignified, unacceptable'

Our survey of emergency nursing staff in England reveals the difficulties of providing corridor care

Download the February issue of RCN Bulletin

Download the February issue of RCN Bulletin

Beyond the bedside

What can we learn from American nurses growing a national movement to protect patient safety?

Back to a safe place

Jess is pushing for the law to be changed in Scotland, so victims of sexual assault are better supported, and nurses play a bigger role in collecting and presenting forensic evidence

Get that interview

RCN careers coach Julie Watkins considers how to make the best first impression on a potential new employer

Sharing best practice in palliative care

Nigel’s using teleconferencing technology to help train clinically isolated district nursing staff

Race-related harassment: we'll help you fight back

Rahul* sought the RCN's help and received more than £6,000 after experiencing religious and race-related harassment at work

What emotional qualities make the perfect nurse?

Our new exhibition explores how expectations of nurses have evolved over 150 years

The big screen: boosting cervical smear uptake

Practice nurses explain how they're using innovative ways to increase smear test attendance

Download the January issue of RCN Bulletin


Knife crime: how nursing can help

Specialist nurse Dorcas Gwata explains the potential for nurses to prevent stabbings and help turn young lives around

10 tips for job searching

Will 2020 be the year that you make a fresh start in your career? Julie Watkins, RCN careers coach, shares her top tips on searching for jobs.

Social solutions

General practice nurse manager Joyce has created a new model for social prescribing that helps reassure and motivate patients

Nursing cadets

Luke explains how the RCN Prince of Wales nursing cadet scheme has inspired him to pursue a career in mental health nursing