Inside a mass vaccination centre

Louise shares a day in her life as clinical coordinator of a COVID-19 vaccination centre in Newport

Bee innovative

Digital senior charge nurse Joan Pons Laplana created an award-winning game encouraging NHS staff to get vaccinated against the flu and has adapted it to boost uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine

Could you be RCN President?

As elections for the role draw closer, we speak to former presidents about why the position is so important

How is the government deciding NHS pay?

The government has confirmed it will use the Pay Review Body process to determine a pay award for NHS staff this summer. Here's how it works

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RCN Bulletin 391

'Nursing within prisons is varied and complex'

Maggie Wood talks about the challenges and rewards of working in this unique environment as she takes on a new role supporting nurses across England

Five ways to embrace your inner leader

An RCN forum project encourages all nursing staff to recognise and value themselves as leaders

Eating for endurance

Nutritional therapist Nicola shares her advice for preparing quick and easy energy boosting food

ECMO: the machine that breathes for you

Nurse consultant Jo-anne explains how this lifesaving technology is being used to oxygenate the blood of people with severe COVID-19 symptoms

‘Now’s the time to make a difference’

After witnessing the pressures her colleagues were facing during the pandemic, Jennifer Fox was determined to give them support and signed up to become an RCN steward

Fairer blood donation rules spell huge shift for LGBT+ equality

Jason Warriner reflects on recent changes that will make blood donation policy in England more inclusive and increase the overall number of people who can donate

Could cultural activities improve patient health?

A new resource for health and social care professionals explores the clinical benefits of museum objects and activities

COVID-19 variants: our fight for your safety

As new variants of COVID-19 are identified, the RCN is demanding that nursing staff in all settings are adequately protected

Mother nature

Kate's helped create an outside space for patient rehabilitation which is playing a unique role in COVID-19 recovery

Meet the nurse who gave world's first COVID-19 vaccine

May Parsons shares how it felt to be in the spotlight