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  • Fair Pay for Nursing Graham Revie Graham Revie 28 Jun 2022

    A simple step but crucial to success

    It’s a message we can’t emphasise enough, says Graham Revie – RCN members need to keep their membership details up to date. 

  • Derek Barron Derek Barron Derek Barron 26 Jun 2022

    A clinical role in care homes

    I’m always fascinated when I hear nurses from out with the care home sector say that care home nurses don’t do as many ‘clinical things’ on a day-to-day basis as their ward-based colleagues. So, what are these mysterious, highly complex skills/tasks that are only carried out in a ward, ones that care home nurses don’t do every day?

  • Geoff Earl Geoff Earl Geoff Earl 26 Jun 2022

    Championing the voice of the care home nurse

    The pandemic highlighted the vast contribution made by care homes and I’m delighted to see care homes across Scotland taking part in Care Home Open Week - celebrating their essential contribution to their communities.

  • Dr Jane Douglas Dr Jane Douglas Dr Jane Douglas 26 Jun 2022

    Hearing the nursing voice - Listening to independent sector social care nurses

    I had the pleasure of undertaking this research which aimed to really capture the experience of nursing in social care through those who work in social care, to hear their voice and truth. To help define the role by what they tell us, and to improve the image and promote the value that nursing staff bring to social care.

  • Fair Pay for Nursing Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 22 Jun 2022

    It's time to talk about nursing pay

    As I hope many RCN members who work in the NHS are aware, last week the Scottish government made a single-year pay offer for 2022-23 to staff working in the NHS on Agenda for Change terms and conditions.

  • Safe staffing legacy artwork Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 18 May 2022

    Celebrating success: remembering the impact of RCN member action on safe staffing legislation

    In June, when RCN Congress returns to Glasgow for the first time since 2016, it will be six years since First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told RCN members of her plan to introduce safe staffing legislation in Scotland.

  • RCN Scotland Nurse of the Year Awards 2022 Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 11 May 2022

    Time to celebrate the best of nursing in Scotland

    I’m so proud that today we’ve launched our first ever RCN Scotland Nurse of the Year Awards. It’s fantastic that we’ll have this huge opportunity to showcase the best of nursing. We deserve the attention, and not only because we all stepped up during the pandemic – but because we step up every day we are at work.

  • Image of a payslip Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 28 Apr 2022

    Negotiations on pay long overdue but we don’t even have a start date

    It was pay day this week, at least for those of us working in the NHS. Usually an opportunity to get a little bit excited. While nursing staff don’t go into nursing, or even stay in nursing, for the money, our pay is probably the hardest evidence that our work is worth something. 

  • student nurses Scotland Gemma Mowbray Gemma Mowbray 27 Mar 2022

    A voice for Students in Scotland

    Find out more about my role as part of the RCN Student Committee as a member for RCN Scotland and how you can join me in supporting the students of Scotland.

  • Pay campaigners Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 3 Mar 2022

    We must continue to stand united

    The terrible attack on Ukraine is a great cause for concern, and, as RCN President Denise Chaffer expressed in her blog at the end of last week, I’m sure that all of us are keeping the people of Ukraine in our thoughts right now.

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