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Supporting our members who work in care homes

Supporting our members who work in care homes

The RCN is committed to supporting our members who work in care homes. On this page you can find information and resources to assist you in providing high quality care to residents.

Online training opportunities

We offer a range of free learning sessions for care homes and topics include accountability & delegation, record keeping, social media, dignity and dementia.  Contact us to find out more on

Learning resources

Designed to support your practice and accessible at any time.
Care Home Journey

Care home journey

An online resource to support nursing care in older peoples care homes. It allows you to follow a resident’s care home journey through from pre-admission to end of life, meeting learning needs and seek clinical inspiration.

Care homes subject guide

Use this RCN Libraries guide to find information resources about care homes, nursing homes and residential care for older people including books, reports and journal articles.

RCN Learn

RCN Learn supports nurses, students, nursing support workers, midwives and health care professionals at all stages of your career.

Unlock expert, quality assured evidence-based education for CPD and learning, whenever and wherever suits you.

Professional and Clinical Resources for Older People

Professional and clinical resources for older people

Caring for older people with a diverse set of needs requires diverse expertise. Within our clinical topic on older people, you will find resources and guidance on the key issues related to the care of older people, including delirium, falls, frailty and mental health. 

Medicines optimisation in care homes

Information for Care Home providers, managers and staff about the policy and procedure for the administration of medicines.

Professional Services

Whether you are aiming to improve the culture of leadership within your workplace, enhance your own skills and professional development, or empower your team to implement service innovations, we have a selection of free and paid-for courses to support you.

Nursing support workers learning and development

We provide a range of tailored learning options for nursing support workers (including carers, care assistants and senior carers) working in all settings in health & social care

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RCN UK Resources

The RCN is the ‘go to’ organisation for all members of the nursing team. We want you to be the best you can be in your role and we’re here every step of the way.

Learning and Development

Peer support and networking

Opportunities to connect with other nursing staff working in care homes across the UK. 
Care Homes Network

Care home network

The Care Home Network provides RCN members with a supportive environment to share best practice, offer solutions and help improve care in nursing homes during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s open to RCN members who provide nursing care in homes for the entire age range, across all clinical needs.

NSW Facebook group

Join our Facebook group for NSW members working in Scotland.

Here you can share ideas with other NSWs and stay up to date with new RCN Scotland developments. Visit facebook to request to join.

Older People’s Forum

Older people’s forum

Representing RCN members with an interest in the health care of older people. You can find out more about their projects and become involved in tackling issues around older people's nursing including current work to raise awareness of delirium and encourage all members of the nursing profession to become delirium champions.

Independent health and social care sector strategy

In 2019, the RCN Council committed to developing a strategy for our members in the independent health and social care sector. Find out more about this work and read the RCN transformational plan.

Get Involved

A national care service for Scotland

The Scottish government remains committed to creating a National Care Service, though has delayed its plans in response to concerns from RCN Scotland and others. Read more about what a National Care Service might mean for you, as well as what we are doing to influence the shaping of a National Care Service.

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Page last updated - 06/06/2024