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  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 9 Mar 2021

    A battle being fought on many fronts.

    As the pandemic response rolls on, Regional Director Estephanie Dunn reflects on another busy period for the region. 

  • Mark Anthony Mark Anthony 9 Mar 2021

    Creating a pathway to parliament - why grassroots activism is so important.

    Vice-Chair of Manchester Central branch, Mark Anthony, explains the purpose and the power of engaging with our local MPs. 

  • Carmel O'Boyle Carmel O'Boyle 2 Mar 2021

    With Spring comes hope and new beginnings

    Introducing Carmel O'Boyle, the new Chair of the North West Regional Board. 

  • James Savage James Savage 4 Feb 2021

    Your new voice on the RCN Students Committee

    My name is James Savage and I’m the newly elected Student Committee member representing all of you in the North West. My role is to be your voice at national level and I will, alongside the rest of the committee, work hard to represent your views and those of all of our students.

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 4 Jan 2021

    2020 – The Year of the Nurse, in more ways than one

    In years to come, when we look back on 2020 and the global pandemic that swept away so many lives and livelihoods, I wonder what lessons will have been learnt. 

  • Maggy Heaton Maggy Heaton 4 Jan 2021

    Farewell 2020, we will not miss you.

    So, we say goodbye and, for the majority of us, good riddance to 2020. 

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 28 Sep 2020

    A Year Like No Other

    Regional Director Estephanie Dunn shares her thoughts on a busy period in the North West

  • Maggy Heaton Maggy Heaton 28 Sep 2020

    A Tumultuous Summer

    Interim Regional Board Chair Maggy Heaton reflects on a unique summer in the North West. 

  • Sam Turner Sam Turner 28 Sep 2020

    Why getting involved in the RCN is a great development opportunity.

    Current North West member on the RCN UK Students Committee, Sam Turner, explains what the role involves and why other students should think about applying.

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 22 Jun 2020

    A new dawn

    This newsletter coincides with 100 days since WHO declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. When we issued our last newsletter in March, coronavirus was not part of our daily lives but was simmering away in the background.