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  • Sam Turner Sam Turner 28 Sep 2020

    Why getting involved in the RCN is a great development opportunity.

    Current North West member on the RCN UK Students Committee, Sam Turner, explains what the role involves and why other students should think about applying.

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 28 Sep 2020

    A Year Like No Other

    Regional Director Estephanie Dunn shares her thoughts on a busy period in the North West

  • Maggy Heaton Maggy Heaton 28 Sep 2020

    A Tumultuous Summer

    Interim Regional Board Chair Maggy Heaton reflects on a unique summer in the North West. 

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 22 Jun 2020

    A new dawn

    This newsletter coincides with 100 days since WHO declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. When we issued our last newsletter in March, coronavirus was not part of our daily lives but was simmering away in the background.

  • Dave Dawes Dave Dawes 21 Jun 2020

    A time of sacrifice but great pride

    I grow increasingly proud of the regions’ nursing family in how you continue to tackle and respond to the ongoing pandemic. Each sector has had its challenges and I’m acutely aware of how much lobbying the RCN has been doing on your behalf to improve the situation around PPE, the Immigration Health Surcharge and for appropriate working rights for agency workers, students and those in private settings such as care homes.

  • Dave Dawes Dave Dawes 7 May 2020

    A Jack of many trades and a master of them all.

    It is 40 years since Mike Travis began his career as a nurse. In an age when the job for life is a distant memory for the majority of the nation’s workforce, to achieve 40 years with a single employer would be an achievement worthy of comment. To do so whilst simultaneously fulfilling the many demands of a supplementary position is truly remarkable.

  • Dave Dawes Dave Dawes 11 Mar 2020

    An exciting year ahead in the North West as RCN Congress returns to the region

    It’s been a busy start to the year and we recently held our last Board Meeting at Chesham House before regional staff moved to the new premises on Bark Street in Bolton.  

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 11 Mar 2020

    A busy year in prospect for the North West region

    We have hit the ground running and have already held our first Board meeting and branch meetings of the year. 

  • Estephanie Dunn Estephanie Dunn 10 Mar 2020

    Mind the Gap - Is healthcare leading the way on addressing the issue of gender equality?

    A recent Guardian article stated that almost a third of board positions in the UK’s top public companies are now held by women - almost a year sooner than expected.

  • Dave Dawes Dave Dawes 20 Dec 2019

    Looking back at the North West in 2019

    Dave Dawes, Chair of the North West Regional Board and UK Council member, reflects on the past year.