Fair Pay For Nursing

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Campaign on pay

‘Fair Pay for Nursing’ is a campaign to demand a 12.5% pay rise for nursing staff across the UK. 

The initial aim is an immediate pay rise for nursing staff in the NHS across the UK that will raise the bar and so also benefit nursing staff working for independent employers. 

The way NHS funding works means we need to work to get a suitable deal agreed with the UK government which will trigger funding for the Scottish government to make their own pay award. 

Whatever way the process unfolds over the coming months, the RCN will be armed with member's views to negotiate with the UK government and the Scottish government.

At the moment you can help the RCN in making the case for fair pay for you and members like you. Find out more on the main 'Fair Pay for Nursing' campaign webpage.

You can email your MP and tell them why you support the Fair Pay for Nursing campaign and why you want the UK Chancellor to prioritise nursing pay.

Page last updated - 12/11/2020