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For members outside of the Channel Islands, welcome to our page. If you don’t already know, Guernsey, Jersey (and the Isle of Man) are Crown Dependencies and as such are not part of and are very different from the UK. They are self-governing dependencies of the Crown. This means they have their own directly elected governments, different legal and financial systems and though they have publicly funded health systems they are not part of the NHS. Crucially for nurses and healthcare professionals, the cost of living is generally higher than the UK and they have different pay systems.Guernsey and Jersey do not share systems, each country has its own so each needs to be looked at in isolation to understand the complexities. When we refer to Agenda for Change on these pages, this is the pay system used on each island – it is not the same as UK Agenda for Change system in terms of pay points or how pay is determined. Pay is negotiated by the RCN and other relevant unions separately on both islands as pay has to reflect the unique situation in each country. 

Pay Award 2022

Read the offer letter and follow up correspondence from the States of Guernsey.

Read our letter to the States in February explaining our position and our follow up our letter in March and our response to their offer (10 June).

There is a meeting to discuss the above on Thursday 23 June at 6pm in the Emma Febrache Room. This will be streamed on Facebook live.

Pay Award 2021

Read the email sent by the States of Guernsey announcing the 2021 pay award.

Read the RCN's press release following the award announcement.

General election

Members in Guernsey will be aware that the RCN is campaigning hard for a meaningful payrise for all AfC members.

We have an RCN manifesto - our asks which are:


  • Leadership.  An immediate commitment to recruit and appoint a Chief Nurse, as recommended by the NMC (2014) extraordinary review, as a matter of urgency. 
  • Careers. The promotion of nursing as an attractive career option through a commitment to   adequate funding for nurse education and continuing professional development. 


  • Terms & Conditions review. To review nursing pay terms & conditions using the States commissioned Royles Review (2018) as the basis for discussions in partnership with Trade Unions.
  • Pay Parity. Eliminate the current inequity in pay experienced by nurses in comparison to other public sector workers, within a three-year period during the first States’ term of office.


  • Futureproofing. Provision to be made at strategic and operational levels to accommodate the increasing needs for mental health, learning disability, community & elderly care services.
  • Healthcare regulation. To ensure high quality safe health and care provision in Guernsey, continue development and implementation of an appropriate regulatory framework as approved by the States in 2019.

Your can download this manifesto

The candidates that have committed to become nursing champions as of 5 October 2020 are as follows, those in bold were elected to be deputies.

Sue  Aldwell
Art Allen
Ellis  Bebb
Chris  Blin
Craig  Bougourd
Sarah  Breton
Ross le Brun
Yvonne  Burford
Tina  Bury
Neil Cave
Andy Cameron
Adrian  Dilcock
Mark Dorey
Andrea Dudley Owen
Darren Duquemin
Pierre  Ehmann
Matt  Fallaize
Peter Ferbrache
Mark  Fletcher
Neil Forman
John  Gollop
Robert  Gregson
Catherine Hall
Rob  Harnish
Barry  Harris
Melanie  Harvey-Alan
Rosie  Henderson
Neil  Inder
Sandra  James
Marc Leadbeater
Mary  Lowe
David Mahoney
Simon de la Mare
Adam  Martel
Aidan  Matthews
Ray  Mclean
Carl  Meerveld
Diane  Mitchell
Paul  Neuvel
Chris  Nicolle
Victoria Oliver
Ian Le Page
Charles  Parkinson
Rob Prow
Lester Queripel

Andre Quevatre
Ivan Rihoy
Martyn  Roussel
Tory  Russell
Lindsay des Saumarez
Neil  Shepherd
Heidi  Soulsby
Andy  Taylor
Dawn  Tindall
Rhian  Tooley
Steven  Wall
Nicola  Young

Chief Nurse

You might be interested in two letters - one sent by the RCN asking about the position of Chief Nurse and the other is the response.

The RCN is committed to ensuring a Chief Nurse is in post without delay. We remain disappointed at the lack of a firm timetable to address the issue.

Industrial action ballot:

The results of the ballot on Guernsey as given by the independent scrutineer Civica Election Services. The ballot was held between 10 February and 28 February.
Members were asked two questions:

Question 1: Are you prepared to take part in industrial action short of a strike? (which for this purpose may include but is not necessarily limited to working to your contract of employment by adhering to your contractual start and finish times, taking your authorised breaks, refusing to work unpaid excess hours and  non-participation in bank or agency work on designated days of action.)
Question 2: Are you prepared to take part in industrial action consisting of strike action.

Number of individuals who were entitled to vote: 645
Number of votes cast: 396
Votes cast in the ballot as a % of individuals who were entitled to vote: 61.4%

Result of voting question 1:
Yes – 364 (94.5%)
No – 21 (5.5%)
Spoilt or invalid papers – 11

Result of voting question 2:
Yes – 337 (85.8%)
No – 56 (14.2%)
Spoilt or invalid papers – 3

The ballot was not enacted due to Coronavirus. The ballot has now lapsed and will need to be re-run if members feel that Industrial Action is their only option to secure a fair pay deal.

Useful documents:


Press releases we have sent to local media can be found here:

20 March

Nurses in despair as States shun pay progress
The Royal College Of Nursing has expressed anger that the pay negotiations on Wednesday broke down following a positive start at the end of February.

13 March 2020

Coronavirus put industrial action on the backburner

The RCN on Guernsey has sought to reassure members and the public that no industrial action will be held whilst the Covid-19/coronavirus outbreak is present.

2 March 2020

Nursing strike on hold whilst talks continue
Members of the Royal College of Nursing have voted to go on strike, although will not yet set a date whilst talks remain positive.

24 Jan 2020

Industrial action ballot for Guernsey members opens next month
Nursing staff will vote on whether to take industrial action as part of their campaign for pay equality with other public sector workers. 

20 Dec 2019
Agency bill rises as Guernsey nurses reject ballot
The RCN is warning that the bill for overtime and agency in Guernsey will hit an all time high by the end of the year

4 Dec 2019
Guernsey: We won't back down and here's why
A letter from the South East Board Chair, Guernsey Branch Chair and Council Member supporting members in Guernsey.

3 Dec 2019
Guernsey pay: "enough is enough"
The RCN in Guernsey has called time on nursing pay talks and will reluctantly ballot members on the States’ updated offer before Christmas.

27 Nov 2019
Guernsey industrial action ballot given the green light
Royal College of Nursing members on Guernsey will be allowed to take part in an industrial action ballot following the unanimous agreement of RCN Council.

22 Nov 2019
RCN figures show extent of Guernsey pay problem
Figures from the Royal College Of Nursing show the shocking disparity between nurses and other civil servants on Guernsey.

6 Nov 2019
Nurses kick start Industrial Action process
RCN members on Guernsey have voted to kick start a request for a formal Industrial Action ballot.

28 Oct 2019
RCN Guernsey members reject pay offer
Members of the Royal College of Nursing in Guernsey have overwhelmingly voted to reject the States' formal pay offer.

1 Oct 2019
Guernsey pay offer is a divisive insult
The Royal College of Nursing have reacted to the latest pay offer from the States by calling it “an insult.”

15 Jul 2019
Guernsey nurses dismayed as deadline passes
Royal College of Nursing members have expressed their frustration as another deadline to sort their pay situation has been and gone.

3 Jun 2019
Open letter to the editor - Guernsey
We wrote an open "letter to the editor" to explain the nursing situation in Guernsey.


We have requested 10% from 1 January 2019 with a firm commitment to modernise and close the gap further through 2020.

During October we balloted members on the pay offer from the States. The result was a clear rejection of the offer. With this offer, the RCN Branch started the formal RCN Industrial Action Code of Conduct process. This resulted in RCN Council agreeing that an industrial action ballot could be run on Guernsey.

At the same time we moved into a formal process with the Independent Disputes Officer (IDO) on Guernsey. These talks didn’t come to anything with a marginally refined offer being made.

A final ballot on this offer ended on 17 December, with these results: on a turnout of 51%, 89% voted to reject the deal. The RCN has informed the States of Guernsey of this decision and is proceeding with our plans for an industrial action ballot.

Your branch team

  • Chair: Sergio Henriques
  • Treasurer: Glenda King
  • Secretary: Helena Avery

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  • 19 Jul 2022 Newbury

    Summer of Learning

    An event for all members in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Channel Islands, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

  • 09 Nov 2022 to be confirmed

    South East Reps Day: November

    A session open to all South East reps to share learning and to develop their skills.

  • 10 Nov 2022 Online

    UK Developing Leadership Programme: Autumn Day 1

    Are you a registered nurse working in health and social care? This two-day programme for aspiring leaders within the nursing profession explores how you lead yourself and others while navigating the increasing demands, competing priorities and the growing expectations of the registered nurse role. 

  • 24 Nov 2022 Online

    UK Developing Leadership Programme: Autumn 2022 Day 2

    Are you a registered nurse working in health and social care? This two-day programme for aspiring leaders within the nursing profession explores how you lead yourself and others while navigating the increasing demands, competing priorities and the growing expectations of the registered nurse role. 

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